One song

Emma Barkland is your average Sydney girl. One assembly a school band starts playing. Has Emma found something amazing?


1. Chapter 1: Assembly


"Erin hurry up, we're going to be late for school!" I shout to my best friend Erin. We've been best friends since we were 4 and I still love her to pieces.

I'm wearing a black tank top, a red and black flannel, some plain black skinny jeans and my black vans. Erin's a lot girlier than me and is wearing a floral dress with some ankle boots, flower in her hair and a jumper over the top. I curled my hair and Erin straightened hers.

"Hurry up or I'll start the car without you!" I shout up the stairs at Erin who takes forever to put her makeup on.

"I'm coming!" Erin shouts as she runs down the stairs and into my car. "Good." I nod as Erin shuts the door. I start playing my music and greenday American idiot came on. Me and Erin have different tastes in music but she still likes this song so we were blasting it out on our way to school.

It's a Tuesday, and on Tuesdays we have assembly's where someone from our year would go up and show something like a talent or something. I haven't done it yet thankfully.

In my year there is this guy called Luke. He is perfect. Blonde quiff hair, bright blue eyes, a lip ring in the corner of his mouth. Trouble is he probably doesn't know I exist. Barely anyone does. I'm not exactly what you'd call popular.

As we walked into the assembly hall, I saw there was a stage with 2 guitars, a bass and drums. I guess there is some sort of band playing. Erin and I sit in the 4th row of chairs facing the stage. After 5 minutes the band walked on stage and picked up their instruments. There before me was Luke Hemmings.


Me and the boys walked on stage in front of the school and picks up our instruments. I hated doing this but the teachers pick who does it so we had to.

I looked at the school and noticed Emma sitting in the fourth row. She's beautiful. I have loved Emma ever since I laid eyes on her and she has been the only one I have ever caught feelings for. I'm quite popular so girls try and get with me but I can't, I love Emma but she probably doesn't know who I am and even if she did, I bet she didn't feel the same way.

Emma's POV

"This song was written by Luke about a girl he kinda likes." Michael said and his band started laughing as Luke blushed and looked at me. It wasn't about me of course, he probably was just looking up.


Everyone applauded as they went off the stage. We all stood up and went to class. That song made me fall more in love with Luke and that sent a pain in my heart.

"You know, I bet that song was about Mackenzie," Erin said, "I mean she's always throwing herself on Luke and I heard from Lydia that she heard from someone else, Luke likes her back but won't admit it." The thought saddened me but I just nodded my head and smiled.

Erin didn't know I liked Luke so she said that. Mackenzie is popular and pretty. Perfect figure perfect hair, cheerleader the whole package. No wonder Luke likes her.

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