Life with the boys

Mallory is in love with Michel and after six years she's kinda questioning what's next


3. when to come home

I was driving down the road when I got a strange erge to go to Taco Bell I pulled up and walked inside I ordered and sat down at the booth and waited

With nothin much to do I got out my phone again I decided to go on Twitter

"You'll never be good enough for him"

" just go die"

He doesn't really love u"

I felt a tear run down my face as I read the comments i wiped it quickly and got my food

I ate as fast as I could and walked to my car

I sat there and Layed my head on the steering week with nothin left to do I cryed for what felt like forever when I finally collected myself I started the car and decided to just go home

I walked to the from door and sighed then opened it to see Michel playing Fifa and laying on the floor I walked past him which I knew always made him mad but that's why I did it

That hot blue haired boy had made me really mad this time so I walked up to our bedroom and closed the door

With only a minute to myself Michel walked in and grabbed my arm and pulled my downstairs to the couch.

What's wrong babe

Nothing I want to be alone I snarled back at him

Please tell me he whimpered

I rolled my eyes and said kindove loud. Michel its been six years how can u not make s decision if u don't want to spend the wrest of ur life with me then u need to tell me now

I do I just want it to be the right time he whispered

Now out of all six years Michel has never seen me cry and I wanted it to stay that way I was always strong for him and for us so I always did it on my own time and I wanted to keep it that way

I felt the tears coming and got up to try to go to the bathroom but Michel grabbed my arm

He just stared in my eyes wich made the tears worse

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