Life with the boys

Mallory is in love with Michel and after six years she's kinda questioning what's next


5. the day I leave

I woke up the next morning to the smell of pancakes I shot up off the couch and ran to the kitchen it was Michel.

I walked over to the counter standing right across him and he didn't even look up.

He always gave me a big hug or kiss in the morning but today he didn't and that was something he always did

He finally looked up but only looked into my eyes then he went to the table and sat down without saying a word

So I went upstairs and sat on our bed I heard the front door slam shut

I couldn't stop thinking about this what did I do I mean we both were mad but this isn't him

I walked over to my closet

This is the day I leave I wispered

I grabbed my black skinny jeans and my green day crop top and walked over to the bathroom I put my hair in a side braid and put on some makeup I grabbed my black converse and slid them on as walking out the door

I got in my car and slowly pulled out of the driveway and drove off not know where to go

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