Life with the boys

Mallory is in love with Michel and after six years she's kinda questioning what's next


4. sleep

He stared into my eyes as he made all my tears want to just come leaking out

I love you he whispered

I smiled but all I can manage to get out was tell me when you've made a choice I said in a rude tone before walking away to the bathroom to do my usual crying session

I walked over to the toilet seat lid and sat down all I do was cry and I knew Michael could hear me but I didn't care anymore I just wanted him to make a choice it was six years how can someone not know if they want to be with that other person by then

Tomorrow was Tuesday and I always went to the studio with Michel but I didnt know if I would tomorrow

I went upstairs to go out pajamas on I put on a black tank top and whit swear pants I sat on the bed as Michel walked into the room he looked as if he has been crying I looked at him and he looked at me I caved in and ran up to give him a hug but he pushed me away.

I backed up and freaked out on the inside he loved hugs he never pushed anyone away when they wanted to give him a hug I thought. I just stood there with my head down staring at the floor.

Ok I whispered as a tear slipped out of my eye I knew he saw it cause his eyes shot up he probably thought I never cryed I ran out of the room to the bathroom and once again cryed

When I was done I went to the guest room and grabbed blankets I walked out to the couch and Layed down and watched some Netflix as I cryed myself to sleep.

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