Life with the boys

Mallory is in love with Michel and after six years she's kinda questioning what's next


2. Monday's😫

I walked in the front door sore after a long day of work only to be thrown over someone shoulder I instantly knew it was Mikey

Michel put me down I screamed

Ur such a party pooper he sighed as he set me down

I hopped on the bed and got out my phone nothin but hate as usuall

I shut it off and Layed down

I've been dying to ask Mikey something but I don't know how he will take it but for some reason I got up the courage to ask

Mikey what are we I whispered

What do u mean he asked turning to face me

Well it's been six years and in six months it'll be seven so like what are we

I don't know he sighed looking down

How do u not know I said getting aggravated

I just don't ok Mallory he said getting up and walking out of the room

U have got to be kidding me I screamed into my pillow

I don't what made me do this but I got up and walked out the front door I opened my car door and got in as I started backing out of the driveway Michel came outside and started yelling I knew he was scared I was leaving but I wasn't i was coming back I'll always come back for Michel

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