5SOS Imagines

A bunch of 5 Seconds of Summer Imagines by request. I have a mumble where you can request some or you can request them in the comments of this book.


1. Cuddling

Luke: The slight sound of rain lightly hitting the roof filled the darkened room. Your boyfriend Luke was supposed to take you out on a date today, but after seeing the streets flooded with water, you agreed today would be a lazy day. Luke’s body was pressed against yours closely; his arms clung to your waist occasionally pulling you in a smidge closer. Nobody spoke; the only sounds audible were the occasional movement of the bed sheets and content breathing. It was days like this that the two of you were really able to connect. You didn’t even have to say a word and the two of you would feel closer than ever. Beginning to feel uncomfortable, Luke would flip to his back, pulling you on top of him. His cologne filling your nose as you lay flat against his chest. The warmth he emitted was amazing and you never wanted to leave.


Michael: A knock on your door startled you as you tried desperately to cram in some notes for tomorrow’s math final. You groaned and stood from the comfort of your bed, trudging to the front door. You opened the door and saw your best friend Michael standing at the door, his eyes puffy and bloodshot from the stream of tears escaping his eyes. “Michael what are you doing here? It’s like nearly midnight.” You asked pulling him inside. “I’m having a bit of a bad day” He sobbed, walking over to you, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist pulling you into his chest. “Do you want to talk about it?” You asked, rubbing small circles on his back. His head shook and you smiled knowing exactly what he wanted. “Do you want to cuddle?” His head immediately nodded and you smiled. He followed you to your bedroom, his arms never escaping your waist as you lay next to him on the bed. He would occasionally sniffle and pull you in closer. The two of you fit together perfectly like puzzle pieces. You turned into his chest, burring your head in the crook of his neck, your legs between his. Everything was peaceful and quiet until Michael’s shaky voice spoke up,”Y/N?” “Yes Michael?” You answered, hugging him tighter “Will you go out with me?”


Calum: An all too familiar feeling swept across your body as you ran to the bathroom, suspicions were confirmed you just got this month’s period, as if by magic an instant wave of cramps stabbed at your stomach like sharp knives. You weren’t like most girls who could solve this problem with a hot water bottle or a bar of chocolate. There was only one thing that would calm your aching stomach actually one person who at the moment was not home. You struggled and trudged your way to your bed hoping that just laying down might help. You tossed and turned just trying to find a comfortable position when you heard a clang of keys opening the front door. “Babe I’m home” Calum’s voice spoke “Babe? Where are you?” He asked, the worry in his voice beginning to become apparent. You tried to groan out a response but the pain was so unbearable all you could manage was a measly squeak. His footsteps got closer until he was standing in the door frame. “Baby, Y/N, are you okay?” He rushed over to your side as you just shook your head no. He climbed in the bed, probably realizing what was wrong. His hand snaked his way under your shirt and onto your bare stomach. The pain escaped almost as quickly as it came. “All good Y/N?” His voice mumbled trying to keep the peace. Your lips curved to a smile as her pulled you closer, rubbing small circles along your skin, giving you the relief you desperately needed.


Ashton: Sleeping in with your boyfriend Ashton was the best way to spend your Sunday morning. His arm draped around your side as you cuddled in closer to his. Your legs mixed between his, casing a mess of sheets beneath you. At this point you were wide awake but you weren’t moving anytime soon. You sat in your same spot, cautiously drawing random shapes on his chest, and listening to his light and patterned breathing. He would occasionally grip your side pulling you just a little bit more into his side which seemed impossible but he managed to make it work. Small groans and snores would leave his lips causing you to obnoxiously smile and maybe even a little giggle to escape. He inhaled deeply before his eyes fluttered open. His eyes fell upon yours and he smiled, “Morning princess” His groggy voice filled your ears “Sleep well?” you asked and he chuckled a bit “You would know” he smirked.


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