can i trust you?

zuko decides that he has to send suki to omashu to protect the king but the problem is that during the time she is meant to leave there are some attacks


1. sent away

suki and noni are walking down the hallway when zuko comes out zuko: yes suki, noni just the two people i need, can you come here for a sec suki: um, sure, noni come on in zuko's office zuko: well you two are going to have to be transferred to omashu noni: but i thought the zanu warriors had omashu zuko: yes but apparently there have been some attacks and they need all the protection they can get suki and noni: yes firelord zuko after some time suki is going on a walk with sokka suki: hey sokka can we talk sokka: we're not breaking up are we? suki: no,no,no... well if all goes well sokka: what do you mean? suki: -explains- so are you alright with that? sokka: yeah, i guess so suki: okay but you have to promise me one thing , please don't date anyone else while i'm gone sokka: me... what i so do not do that suki: shall we begin to talk of kaya sokka: ok, ok, i get it suki leaves when she runs into mai and katara katara= what were you two talking about suki= oh just me leaving and kaya katara and mai= you were talking bout kaya! suki= yeah but to give him an example not to date other girls mai= well that's your luck, my guy only dates me suki= what about kana mai= who! katara= well i guess my guy is the only one loyal to me mai= what about duni katara= who the hell is duni! suki= oh calm down mai it was during your break up mai= whatever, hmmm well katara yours was a week after the failed invasion suki= i'm just gonna go before there's a serious problem, bye girls they both do a wave to say bye, later in the gym katara is taking out her stress on some poor punching bags mai= your a stress fighter too heh katara = yeah -kicks then punches punching bag- so what's your stress? mai= that kana girl - kicks different punching bag- what bout you? katara= duni -she stops kicking and punching- i mean who gave him the right to date another girl after we kissed mai = ditto katara= and then he doesn'... -a stick breaks- did you hear that -an arrow goes through the wall- mai get ready -a fight breaks out archers in the wall, mai readies her throwing stars and katara makes two water whips, the archers begin shooting and katara and mai dodge through series of flips then get their weapons ready, mai throws stars at the arrows dividing them while katara breaks them with her whips- mai= it'll just keep coming we need to capture them katara= got it - begins to make movements with her arms then gets water from available taps and breaks through the walls then pulls forward and freezes the water traping them all- i think we're under attack
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