everything changes

Isaac was always a friend in Gwen's eyes but she starts to realize after they go to different college that she likes him more than as a friend


1. one


I never though i would miss high school. it wasn't so dancing on the roses from my experience.  i was hated by the girls in my class i don't even know the reason why but anyway they tried everything to make me suffer and sometimes they did it and broke me mentally and sometimes not. last week at school was heaven. when i finally got out of the place my life started. but of course i had friends back there but they weren't at my class.

i opened the door of Weston's college. i stepped inside and felt disgusting  cold shiver run down my spine as i saw the familiar faces. thank god i didn't pick this college. "Gwen!" Ariel my best friend  called as she saw me. she run to me and hugged me. "hey babe." i said hugging her back. "Gwenny!" Juliet my other close friend called. "long time no see!" Ariel said as i sat next to her on the sofa. "yeah. it's been few months." i said. "you look good." Juliet said. "thanks. you too honey." i smiled. "i really like your style. you look sexy." Ariel said. "oh stop it you." i said smiling to them. Cassie,Amber and Emily walked to the lobby and sat to the other sofa they gave me cold eye whispering "what the fuck is she doing  here." and Juliet and Ariel just glared at them. "gosh i hate those bitches." Ariel groaned loudly and they looked at her pissed. "they heard you." Juliet said. "it was the point." Ariel said laughing. that was why i loved my friends they hated the same people as i did. "is there any hot guys?" i asked. "she's got a crush on this Irish dude named Nolan." Ariel said pointing Juliet. "no i don't!" Juliet said blushing. "how about you? and how is Isaac? isn't he in this school too?" i asked.  "oh yes. he is and The Cassie the ugly cow has crush on him." Ariel said. "that's not new she has been fingerling over him like for two years." i laugh. "yeah and the poor guy is not interested but he's so nice that he can't say to him to leave him alone." Juliet laugh. Isaac was my only friend on my class when i was on high school and he was also the best friend of my asshole ex named Daniel.  but gladly Daniel was not in this school. i saw as Isaac walked in he had changed a bit from when i had last seen him like a 6months ago. he's  blonde hair was bit longer and his boyish looks had turned more mature. he had straight face as he turned to look at people he's  eyes didn't even blink when he looked Cassie with bored and tired look as Cassie was drooling and giggling like some bimbo then he turned his look quickly away from Cassie almost like his eyes couldn't stand the look of her. his eyes met mine and i saw how the blue eyes wide. he started to grin that cute smile he looked away and turned back to look at me like he couldn't believe his own eyes the whole cense made Cassie stop giggling and shoot death glares to me. he quickly got closer. "Gwendolyn! is that you! damn first i wasn't sure if i was just seeing things or was that really you." he said smiling. i felt my heart melt in weird way as i started to smile. "Isaac." i said slowly and looking at him. indeed it had been awhile. "how are you?" he asked walking closer to me.  "i'm fine. how about you?" i asked. we chatted a while but then the bell rang and he had to leave he gave me a smile before he ran to the class. "damn girl i bet you just ruined Cassie's life." Juliet said. "you two looked like some love sick couple who were going to jump into each others arms at anytime. it was almost scary. why did you date that dickhead Daniel. Isaac is so much better." Ariel said and i had no idea how to answer that. she had a point. "maybe i ended up with Dan because he was all over me and kinda made me fall for his games Isaac has always been the calm one and not so pushy or arrogantly making others to think that i am his. Daniel was too possessive in weird way like the way he bite my neck to leave me a nasty and hurtful love bite to make others to see that i was his." i said. "yeah i remember that was so fucked up." Juliet said. "hows the dummy now?" Ariel asked. "well Sandra told me that he had thing with some two years younger chick but then he dumped her too and surprise surprise he started to send me messages again crying that he wants me back." i said. "he's so fucked up." Juliet said and we agreed.

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