can this be true love?

when sophie goes to the British summer time rock festival. she discovers that falling deeply in love is a real thing, but family troubles at home could ruin everything... Does her mum let her stay with her dream boyfriend or does she leave her forever ...


4. this isn't fair..

she stabbed my arm… the blood trickled out. i screamed so loud. the pain for un real. she ran out the room, shocked her self. i ran to the first aid room. i couldn’t see my mum anywhere. i was shaking so much when i wrapped the bandage around me… i began to feel dizzy. i couldn’t see her or it anywhere. i took my phone and shakily ran 999. once i hanged up i admittedly dropped to the floor in agony. a blacked out for a few minutes… well it felt like a few minutes. when i woke up i was in this strange white room. the light hit me and i couldn’t see a thing. faces appeared infant of me.

- she’s awake. a lady said. 

i didn’t recognise the voice. my sight cleared up and i knew that i was in hospital. i started to panic. 

- where… where is mu.. her. 

- she’s been found and she is being taken care of, you must know what she did was a horrible thing and they will have to decide what to do with her.

i looked up at her. tears filled my eyes. i know that she did this to me but she was my own mother who id been living with for 17 years. i looked at my arm and saw that they had put stitches in it.

- it will leave a mark but it has stopped the bleeding, said the lady. 

she was wearing a light blue nursing outfit. she had brown curly hair and brown eyes. she reminded me of mum. i looked at her in a way of saying thanks, i was to tired to speak.

- so do you have any siblings or friends we can get hold of or a dad? she asked my dad died a few years ago and i have no siblings. 

- auntie uncle? grandma grandpa?


i then realised i had no body but luke.

- there is someone

-who? her sooting voiced calmed me and i felt safe.

-luke, my boyfriend

- do you have his contact number?

-yes i do its on my phone.. but ..oh yeah he is in sydney right now.

-well give him a call and see what he says.

she gave me my phone and i rang up luke.

- hey babe so whats happening with your mum?

- i …i

- what is it? his voice sounded concerned.

- she stabbed me..


-well I’m ok she stabbed my arm. i called the ambulance and I’ve got stitches and I’m in hospital. the trouble is i have no one to look after me.

- ill get a plane as soon as possible. it may take a day or 2 but ill be there i promise.. i love you.

- i love you to.

i then told him where the hospital was and explained more. i was relived he was coming for me!

i fell asleep for a while and i woke up to hear voices.


-this is the council officer. he is hear to explain what is going to happen.

a tall man in a black suit came up to me, he looked scary but had a friendly smile. he had dark black hair and green blue eyes.

-hello, I’m so sorry what happened to you but let me re assure you that it will get better. I’m mr owman, i will be your head social worker.

social worker. that means…. i will be put in care.

- your mum is in serious trouble I’m sorry to say, she is ill…. very ill and she won’t be able to look after you anymore.this will mean you will have new people to look after you.

- am i going to be taken to a care home…

-yes for now and we will see what happens, right now all yo..

u cut him off.

-but I’m 17 i can look after my self, i can live with luke

- and how old is this luke.

i knew that if i said 19 he would think he was to old for me.


-oh right

- well ill see what i can do. but for now your stuff has been taken to elmtree house, your new home.

i couldn’t believe this was happening so sudden. what is this.i can’t go live with total strangers. i needed luke, i wish he was here right now he would know what to do…

hey i hope you enjoyed this part. oooooooh whats going to happen!!!!!! hopefully luke will save her! stay tuned for part 5!




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