can this be true love?

when sophie goes to the British summer time rock festival. she discovers that falling deeply in love is a real thing, but family troubles at home could ruin everything... Does her mum let her stay with her dream boyfriend or does she leave her forever ...


5. the new home

I spent another day in the hospital. I waited for Luke to turn up. I was asleep when he did. He came around the door holding a bunch of red roses in his hand and a teddy bear. I smiled with excitement that he came. He knelt down next to me and kissed my forehead.

-how are you feeling?

I showed him the stitches. His face saddened.

- don't worry everything will be ok. His deep voice calmed me down and I felt safe.

He kept held of my hand the whole time. I told exactly what happened and what they were going to do with me.

Suddenly the tall scary looking man came in.

-it's time to go. The nurses have packed your things

- I want to stay with Luke. I said

He glanced at Luke and gave a glarey stare towards him.

- he is too young

- he is 19 it's legal

- do u have a house. He said

- well I've got a rented house in l.a and my family home in Sydney.

- what bout your own fully bought place

- no... But I'm touring at the moment

Everyone went silent.

- see he is too busy and you will have to go around the world with him. It's to dangerous



I looked at Luke and he looked back. This sickening feeling crossed my mind.

- don't worry I'll get you out of there. He said silently.

I had got ready to go to the care home. The nurse gave my things to me

- the rest of your things are at the house. We got them out of your old home.

I gave her smile and thanked her

I kept hold of Luke's hand. We got to the car

- it's probably time to say your goodbyes. The care worker said

- text me when you are there. I have to get back to the others. Everything will be ok. I love you. He said and kissed me

I got into the car. I watched him walk back to the taxi lane. I watched him until I couldn't see him anymore.

It was a 2 hour car drive and I kept listening to 5sos music on my phone. I missed his voice.

When we got there I was let out of the car and I got handed my case. The building was a big White House with green vines growing up it. A black tiled roof and a red front door. I walked up and the care worker opened the door for me.

- welcome to your new home!

A man and a women greeted me.

- this is Mike and Sarah they will be looking after you like a mum and dad.

- welcome. I'm so sorry what happened to you but don't worry I'm sure you will love it here. Said Mike.

He took my case and showed me to my room. The down stairs was a small open hall . On the right was an office. I'm guessing that's where Mike and Sarah worked. On the left there was a living room. A big place with a pool table, sofas TV and books. We walked up stairs first. There was a lot of rooms left and right. They were probably all the other children's rooms. On the door some of them said. Flossies room keep out or jhonys room enter or die. It kind of scared me. I had no idea what these people were going to be like. Would they welcome me or just ignore me?

We reached my room. It was medium sized. A desk was on the left by the wall. My bed was on the right below a window. The walls were painted light blue. At the end of my bed there was more space. A wardrobe, dressing table and some been bags and a shelf.

- I hope you like the colour. Sarah said.

I nodded my head. I did actually like it a lot. Above the desk was a pin board. I thought of putting pictures up there. On my bed were the rest of my cases from my old home.

- we will leave you to unpack. Feel free to change around the furniture if u need help just ask!

I began to like it here. I was just very nervous about meeting the other children.

I texted Luke that I was here but he didn't reply so I began to un pack. I started with clothes. I put them Neatly away into my wardrobe. I then found Luke's jumper he gave me. Calum also gave me his jumper. And I found michaels and Ashton's pictures we took when we had a nurf gun fight!

I pinned up the pictures on the pin board. I had some ones of me and Luke in London and me and Calum in the hotel room. There were group photos of us all on London Bridge. When I put them up I remembered how much I missed them all. I finished packing and was quite pleased with myself. I already felt at home.

I walked down the stairs again. I could here everyone out side. I saw Sarah again.

- all settled in? She asked

-yes. I really like the room as well.

- that's great! Why don't you come and meet everyone.

We walked through the kitchen. It was a big place with a normal kitchen unit and then a big table. On the walls was pictures of the others.

We walked out side into a room that led to the garden. It was a big garden with a trampoline and some vegetable patches. Everyone was out side playing football.

- everyone!!!! This is Sophie she will be joining us here from now on.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at me. I felt sick suddenly but tried to keep a smile on my face.

A boy about my age came up to me.

He was tall and quite skinny with brown hair and green eyes.

- hi I'm Ryan.


- do u want me to introduce everyone.

- yeah that will be nice.

- ok so this is Bailey

Bailey was dark skinned and about my age too he looked at me but didn't smile.

- this is carmen

She was very dressed up. She was wearing a pink dress and slot of jewellery.

- hi! She said. I'm carmen it's nice to meet you.

She followed us around whilst I was having the tour.

- this is Rick and Toby and this is flossie and Johnny

Rick was about my age and Toby about 14. Flossie was a small ginger haired girl about 10 and Johnny was about 16.

- this is johnys sister tee and this is lilly. Lilly was about my age and tee a year younger.

I was surprised how many people where about my age and I was relived.

Lastly a girl named Electra. She was definitely 17 she even looked 18. She was wearing black and had blue highlights in her hair.

She looked like my type of person. She didn't say anything though.

Carmen and tee showed me around the rest of the place. The kitchen living room. Office bathrooms and then bedrooms. Tee and carmen shared a room. It was big. Painted pink with normal bedrooms decor. I showed them mine.

- I'm pleased you have come here it's nice to have someone to talk to we sometimes only have each other and lilly

My phone then buzzed. It was from Luke.

: hey sorry I didn't reply we were having a sound check. Is everything ok xxxxxxx :

- who is that asked tee

- oh my boyfriend

- ooooooh what's his name

- Luke

- got any pictures

I showed then my pin board

- omg. They said at the same time

- what?

- is .. Is that 5sos!!!!!

- uh yeah


- um yeah

- how did you meet

- at a festival

- and your going out with Luke?


- Lilly loves 5sos and so does Electra

They then dragged me to Lilly's room

In her room was a load of posters of them.

- they are going to love you!

I was happy that I would get friends easily now. But I didn't want them just because I was friends with 5sos

I was going to like it here. I thought to my self. But there was one thing.

How am I going to be with Luke....

Hey guys hope you enjoyed this. I know there isn't much Luke but I promise there will be a lot more. The story is just getting started. Make sure to follow my Instagram @5summerromantics. Thanks for reading stay tuned for next part x

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