can this be true love?

when sophie goes to the British summer time rock festival. she discovers that falling deeply in love is a real thing, but family troubles at home could ruin everything... Does her mum let her stay with her dream boyfriend or does she leave her forever ...


1. the festival


hey guys hope u like this... i love writing stories and this will be my first one hope u enjoy xxx





sophies p.o.v:

It was the first day of the festival, me, darcey, emily, emma and holly where very excited because our best band, busted where playing today. We got there early and put our stuff out and sat down on the grass. we were right at the front! I was wearing ripped shorts, a black top, nike black trainers and a nirvana t shirt that hanged of my shoulder. my hair was curled and i had silver earrings and and a silver eyebrow piercing. we were all talking about how amazing busted would be and then they came on. they sang a few songs and then they talked about people going backstage to meet the and the rest of the line up.

- we would love some of you guys to meet us and we would love to meet you. we have some backstage passes here.

suddenly they started throwing random passes to the crowed. darcey and me were triennia jump for them and screaming with excitement. i couldn't reach it. i stood there and waited to see if they would throw any more. i looked down disappointed and i saw that on the floor was a back stage pass! i picked it up and screamed, i was so happy to get one. i felt bad for the rest of my friends but they let me go. busted sang a a lot more songs and when of. a security guard guided the people who had got the passes to back stage. then i saw busted! 

- hi we are so glad you could make it, we will show you around then we can take pictures.

they showed us around backstage, it was huge! other artists were there, some i wasn't bothered about. mcfly, ellie goulding, kings of leon, 5sos and vance joy. 

i was chatting to a girl who also cashed a passant then i felt a tap on my shoulder. 

a familiar voice said - hey i heard you got the backstage pass.

other girls were whispering about something that sounded about me, i turned around and saw that a guy from 5sos was talking to me. i didn't really know who they were so i just talked in a friendly way and didn't go all fan girl on them.

-yeah i did, i was really excited to get one, busted are my faverote band. I'm sophie nice to meet u. u r from 5sos right?


-yeah thats me. I'm ashton i play the drums for the band, over here is michael who plays guitar, calum who plays base and luke who is lead singer and plays guitar.

i started to talk to all of them and they told me about the festival and their part of it and what they will sing. i began to talk to the boy named luke a lot. he was so nice and it turned put we had a lot in common.

- we have to go on stage soon but I'm sure we can meet up again, luke said. - whats your number ill text you when I'm free. make sure you watch our performance!

i gave him my number and agreed id watch. i came back to where my friends were sitting and told them all about it. i then told them about meeting 5sos and getting lukes number. 

-maybe u 2 will hit it off ;). said darcey. you never know, he is really good looking and you like blondes so he is perfect for you.

- i don't know, i normally go for the less bad boy the of guy.

we watched ellie goulding and 5sos. they were both amazing! luke and ashton not winked at me when they saw me and i smiled back. to be honest i did think luke was very hot and i was super excited to speak to him again.


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