can this be true love?

when sophie goes to the British summer time rock festival. she discovers that falling deeply in love is a real thing, but family troubles at home could ruin everything... Does her mum let her stay with her dream boyfriend or does she leave her forever ...


3. going home

luke and i spent the last few days with each other. i showed him around London and we both went to the festival. it was my last day and i had to go back to the south of england and luke had to go back to sydney. 

-i will miss you so fucking much. he said, and kissed my nose. he was so cute.

he drove me to the train station after i said good bye to calum ash and michael. i gave him one last kiss and got on the train. i still texted him on the way back home. i missed him a lot. 

i was worried about what my mum would say. would she not agree with this relationship?

3 hours later and i had reached southampton. i got a taxi to my house and saw that my mum was there. i gathered my things from the car and when inside. she was there cooking supper. 

-your back! i missed you, sit i have dinner for you. 

i sat down,

-how was it.

- good.... mum


-i met a boy

- a boy?

-yes his name os luke and he is in a band. he was preform...

she cute me off.

- how can you go out with someone you've only known for 5 days.

- he is really nice you will like him. his friends are really nice as well. i showed them around londnon.

- and you where with your friends?

- no, they stayed at the festival.

- so you just went around the streets of london with strangers...

-their not strangers! they are my friends now.

- their age?

-well.... luke is 19 and so is calum and michael.

- 19!!! blooody 19. your 17, your still in school. sophie you should know better! what about the others

- they are so nice though, i trust them....

- and have you had sex with this luke?

i paused for a minute not knowing what to say...

-ye ...yes

-get to your room right now. and don't come down until i say.

i grabbed my stuff and ran upstairs. i fell onto my bed and cried into my pillow. I'm 17 she can't treat me like a little girl anymore. 

she left me there for over 4 hours. i fell asleep whilst texting luke. i explained what happened. 

night passed and it was already 11.00. i crept down stairs. she was there still cooking. she herd me obvs. but she didn't turn round. i jumped. i saw blood trickling down her leg... 

oh no not this again. shed always do this when I've done something bad. cut herself. and when i was a baby she cut me...

i was to scared to tell someone.

she turned around and her needy brown eyes stared me in the face. her brown curly hair was untouched form yesterday. in her hand she held a knife.

- how dare you disobey me, your little dirty slut sleeping with and older person.

i said nothing. i was so scared. she walked closer and closer to me. i walked back.... she led me up the stairs again. to my bedroom. she shut the door behind her. 

- you will learn not to disobey me again child. s pulled the knife out and......

stay tuned for part 4

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