can this be true love?

when sophie goes to the British summer time rock festival. she discovers that falling deeply in love is a real thing, but family troubles at home could ruin everything... Does her mum let her stay with her dream boyfriend or does she leave her forever ...


2. could it be...

The next day I woke up and saw that I had a text from Luke. -meet me in the car park x- it said. I was kind of happy it had a x at the end! I got out of my tightly cramped tent that I slept in and tried not to wake the others. I got dressed into a black skirt, a black tight crop top and some trainer heels. I when the over to the busy car park. Luke was already there. I felt a bit bad for making him wait. He opened the door for me and I got in. On the way we listened to green day songs and sang along to them. It was so much fun! The journey to the hotel was about 20 minutes but it felt like 5. Once we got there, Luke opened the door for me and I was outside the hotel. It was a modernly designed hotel. Marble steps, glass balconies and big white walls. We wheat up the elevator to room 907. Inside, Luke showed me around to the room where Calum and Michael were playing Fifa. They both got up to hug and welcome me.

-hey it's nice to see you again. Said Calum. -so what do you think of the place, nice isn't it? Do u want to play Fifa??

I agreed so I sat down with Calum and played for a while. It was really fun even though I lost. Calum was seriously good! Luke then got up.

-let me show you around more.

-yeah ok. Thanks for letting be play Calum.

Luke then guided me out of the room. First he showed the kitchen, living room and bathrooms then the balcony and then his bedroom. He sat down on the bed.

-do u wanna sit down?


-I'm so glad you could come today. It's really nice to have someone who is not fangirling over me when I say hi to them, he laughed.

I stared into his deep blue eyes not knowing what to say. Wow he was so perfect.

We stayed looking at each other for a while until he broke the silence.

- so what do you wanna do? Do you want to stay the night here. We could go out somewhere if you want.

- yeah that will be great. I'll have to text my friends first though.

He smiled and the silence started again.

He suddenly lent in. I closed my eyes.

He started to kiss me and I returned it. My fingers when through his dirty blonde hair, he put his hand on my hips. We broke the kiss and looked at each other.

- are you sure about this. I said. - we've only known each other for like 2 days.

He kissed me again and then picked me up.

- yes I'm certain about this. I like you a lot

Could it be that I was In love with Luke Hemmings. The lead singer the bad boy the dream guy I've been looking for...

Hey guys sorry is this was short. I hope you like it. Well they finally kissed woooo. But other family things will happen when she gets home stay tuned for more ily allllll 💞💞

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