Hogwarts School Musical

The Characters get to Hogwarts and find out they are doing a musical this year! Read as they hold auditions, sing and create a movie : Hogwarts School Musical, a magical version of High School Musical.


3. The Hogwarts Express

Platform 9 and 3 Quarters

Rose - Allie! Allie! Over Here!

Allie turned to see Rose Weasley, Zev Susser, and Albus Potter, her best friends. Standing behind them were Zev’s older twin sisters Elizabeth and Alyssa, who go by Liz and Lisa, Rose’s younger brother Hugo, and Albus’s younger sister Lily.  James Potter, Albus’ brother, was talking with their uncle about pranks to play at Hogwarts.  Looking around, Allie saw the Malfoy twins, Sophia and Scorpius, and her Aunt and Uncle, Zev’s parents.

Ginny, Albus’ Mom - Quick the train’s leaving soon.

Allie, Rose, Zev and Albus got on and found an empty compartment with Liz, Lisa, and James.

Woman giving out candy - anything off the cart dears?

Allie bought some Licorice Wands, Chocolate Frogs, and a Cauldron Cake. Liz and Lisa chose some Every Flavor Beans, James stocked up on Droobles Best Blowing Gum, Albus decided to have Pumpkin Juice, and he and Rose both tried a Pumpkin Pastry.

They all changed in their robes, and reached Hogwarts.

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