Hogwarts School Musical

The Characters get to Hogwarts and find out they are doing a musical this year! Read as they hold auditions, sing and create a movie : Hogwarts School Musical, a magical version of High School Musical.


2. Just do a spell

Beckerman House

Allie - Come on Mom!  We’ll be late for the train!

Mom - One Second, Carrie’s looking for her diary.

Today, Allie and Carrie were going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Carrie for her first year, and Allie for her second.  Allie and her Dad were waiting downstairs by the fireplace.  Her other siblings, Josh, who was 8, Esti who was 5, and Emma who was 2, were playing tag around the room.

Dad - I give up.  Accio Carrie’s Diary!


Once he had said the spell, the diary flew into his hands.  One second later, Carrie and her trunk came flying down the steps - Carrie on the family’s Nimbus Two Thousand and One broomstick, and the trunk by a spell used by their Mom.

Allie - Well that was easy.


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