Depression kills💀


1. Broken and Bruised

She was the girl in the back of the classroom who rarely ever said a word,but when she did she faked the happiness in her smile.

You would never know. Because no one ever cared. She didn't even care herself. All she wanted ever since the day she was born was to be dead,but no matter how many attempts she took of trying to kill herself it never worked. She would always cry herself to sleep because she never died like she wanted to,but it's not fair because she's never been anything except good in this world and all that happens to her is being treated with pain and heartbreak. Most people would say that going to church could change this,but that's not true it's depression... Depresssion can kill you from the inside and out and it already has yet I don't know why i'm still here? I question that everyday. I didn't ask to be here in this world I don't want to be here I never want to be here. I wish someone would just show me how much it hurts by killing me themselves it makes more sense to do it that way then trying to hurt myself because every time I try and hurt myself it never works. People at school ever since preschool have always told me to kill myself and that i'm not worth it... well honestly if they think that then why haven't they killed me because that's all they want is for me to be dead and I want the same thing. This world is cruel every single bit of it is including me most people would say things like don't you have friends? Yeah I do have friends,but that doesn't mean that I don't feel lonely every second of the day. I cry myself to sleep every night wondering what I did to deserve this life and yet I have no answer which frankly I don't want to live,but I feel as if I'm being forced to live my mom's life over for her because she didn't graduate and she died when she was 33 I can't live knowing that I have to do everything right to make her life perfect for her like she wanted and which it never was.

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