Don't Judge

People are different in many ways and judging them wont make you a better person or them feel good about themselves either.


1. Don't judge me

I am who I am why change me

Why abuse me with your words

I try my best to be perfect me

To meet your standard

But yet all you do is Judge me


I walk the road

With stones kissing my skin

I walk the corridors

With words stabbing my heart

About The way I dress and

My big glasses

Can’t you see my inner beauty?

Why judge me?


I’m not like you I’m different 

But I want to be happy too

In my own skin

Doing my own thing

But you choose to judge


And I see that

But I love my style

The way I am

The things I do

Don’t judge me, look at you

See through my appearance

And you’ll see the me I want to be

And maybe then you’ll Stop judging me!!!!

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