Ugly~Beauty Queen👑🌺😍💕❤️✖️🌸


1. Ugly~Beauty Queen🌺✖️💋👑

Well... my name's Autumn Suttles. I have a rough and terrible life. Well... I have had seizures for 4 years now and my mom passed away 4 years ago too and my dad calls me a whore,slut,bitch, and a idiot and tells me i'm useless and worthless and that no one will ever love me and I have awful depression and suicidal thoughts and i've also attempted suicide 5 times before and cut myself twice before. Please don't hate me... I didn't chose to be the person I am today because if I could chose who i'm supposed to be i wouldn't be who I am. Because I hate myself i always have and I always will.

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