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1. Depressed Queen 😍💕🌸🌺✖️

Hi, my name's Autumn Suttles. I'm a 17 year old depressed teenage girl with no life and no one cares about me and never will. I'm never really ever attached to too many people because if I do get attached I always end up getting hurt no matter what. Try and touch me i'll break you. I get attached to things I know I can never have like Niall Horan, Cody Herbinko, and etc. I wish guys could or would ever love me,but it's impossible. I'm not a model and I know i'll never be as pretty as the other girls at my school,but most of them are bitchy as fuck. I don't know why guys hate me all the time and say i'm a slut when I'm apparently ugly as fuck and i'd never be able to get a guy to fuck me.

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