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"were gonna play a game I like called 7 minutes in heaven. I'm gonna spin the bottle and the two people who the ends of the bottle fall on need to get in my room and do stuff, and you know what I mean by "stuff", NO exceptions" brad said as the bottle stopped on me.

I swear i didn't want to do it, but he said no exceptions and I didn't want to break his word. I am already the most hated one.

Harry styles


4. Chapter 4

Dear diary

The next day started fine. Except for the fact that I had to carry a backpack full of guilt all day long.

Someone told the teachers that the boy, whose name is Peter, got beaten up.

They told them that he was crying in the bathroom all day long and that he wouldn't talk to anyone.

And other then that they haven't said anything else. I guess they were afraid to tell on brad and get him in trouble. Cause from what Iv heard, if brad goes to the principal one more time, he'll get suspended and won't be allowed to participate in the upcoming game.

It may sound selfish but I didn't want to tell on brad either, but not because I didn't want to get brad in trouble, but because I didn't want to get in trouble with brad.

I got into English class.

And as the principal walked in, carrying brad by his side, i took a sit as far away as I could from Peter, to try to prevent the principal from calling me over to his room, to talk about the incident. He knew that Peter was a part of it.

And I knew that he would call every person that might possibly have a clue about what has happened. To try and get him into spilling out things he felt like he shouldn't tell.

I knew that if the principal would call me out for a talk I would immediately tell him all that has happened.

I am a terrible liar.

The principal started talking about how you shouldn't hit a person for any reason and that anyone who does hit, should be ashamed. That if he was in this possession he would immediately say what he had done, and would be terribly sorry.

All this time I looked at brad, he was staring at the ceiling, his face not showing a bit of regret.

I kept looking at him until his eyes caught mine. They looked deeply at me, sending me threatening looks, telling me secretly to be quite.

I sat nervously in my chair, staring sharply at the principal as he examined all of the students. He moved from one face to the other, not saying a word. Until he finally got to me. "So... Charlie" he said. I let out a sigh as I turned around to face Charlie. " have you seen anything?" He seemed pretty nervous, little drops of sweat formed on his face.

"N-no" he stuttered. But the principal didn't seem to believe him. "Charlie I'm gonna ask you this one last time, did you know something about this!" He yelled, his face getting red. "I, I said no" he almost cried. He lowered down on his chair trying to hide himself from the looks of others, until he finally stood up and ran out of class. The principle still didn't seem to believe him, cause Charlie always knew what was going on, but he decided to leave him alone for now and wait until he'll come to admit by himself. But honestly no body knew anything except of me, brad and the kid that brad hit.

"Maybe you aren't guilty after all" the principle whispered into brads ear. "Told you" he said smirking. He seriously believed he would get out of this with no punishment. I got so angry.

"I saw brad hitting Petter in the library" I finally said, I gulped the spit I had in my mouth and looked away trying to ovoid brads mad stare.

"Then why didn't you say so earlier... Ehh.. Harry" he said satisfied that finally someone admitted. But on the other hand I saw brad fisting his knuckles, giving me a small hint of what he might do to me soon.

"Brad threatened me not to tell" I continued to say. Fuck why can't I just learn to shut up sometimes.

The school bell rang and I bursted my way out of class as fast as I could. But brad got ahead of me and caught me right after the corner. He looked at me carefully and then said "listen to me you little twat, this is the last time you're telling on me, you hear me," he yelled loud enough to make all the people that were in the hallway to gather up around us. Brad held his hand up ready to attack me but right before he did someone stopped him. "Brad what are you doing?" It was his girlfriend Sam.

He let go of me and kissed her supposedly to make her shut up. It was disgusting.


"Leave the poor kid alone" she asked looking at me. "Poor kid?! He almost got me suspended!" He growled.

"Maybe instead of getting angry at him just, invite him to a party, try to be nice to him. Maybe then he'll lie that he didn't really see it and was just angry at the moment" she said to him quietly. He smirked and then nodded. He backed away from her to look at me. "So dweeb what about coming to a party at my house tonight?"

"Ehh why woukd yo- ok. sure" I replied. Still worrying for my life.

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