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"were gonna play a game I like called 7 minutes in heaven. I'm gonna spin the bottle and the two people who the ends of the bottle fall on need to get in my room and do stuff, and you know what I mean by "stuff", NO exceptions" brad said as the bottle stopped on me.

I swear i didn't want to do it, but he said no exceptions and I didn't want to break his word. I am already the most hated one.

Harry styles


3. chapter 3

Dear diary

I got up early the next day, so in the time I had before school started, I decided to ride my bike around the neighborhood.

The air was cool and it was bright outside, it was the perfect day for a bike ride. I rode down to the lake and sat down on a bench. Just staring at the birds up in the trees, watching as they fed their little "children" and how they all fought for the food coming out of their parents mouth.

I watched as the parents cuddled, or did some sort of things that grown birds do that seems like it.

And it made me think if ill ever have someone to care about, someone who will care about me too.

After sitting there by the lake for about an hour I decided to head to school.

And since it was still early and no one was there I decided to head down to the library, to read some books.

As I was on my way there I heard someone yelling or crying. I couldn't exactly tell.

So I decided to go and see what was happening. I hid behind the corner of the entrance to the library, peaking my head out.

I saw a boy being shoved to the books shelves by brad, the most self centered, ignorant peasant, in the grade. He kept punching him over and over again.

The boy, powerless, asked for forgiveness. He wasn't even trying to fight back.

"Come on brad, I'm sorry." The boy said, taking deep breaths. "I'm sorry for hitting on your girlfriend I did that only bec-" he admitted.

But brad, being brad, didn't want to hear what he had to say. All he cared about was that he took something that "belonged" to him.

I stood there in silent. Afraid to barge in. He kept hitting him until the boys face was full of blood. Then he let go of him, letting him fall to the floor.

I wanted to run to the boy to see if he was okay, but I decided to wait until brad will get out of the place.

I was afraid of what he might do to me if he'll find out I saw all that had happened.

He looked at the poor boy lying there smitten on the floor. But he could care less. He just turned around and simpley walked away.

The boy started crying and as he did, I ran in, sitting next to him on the floor. I took out some tissues from my backpack and started to clean his face. I asked the boy what happened and he told me everything.

From him not knowing she was his girlfriend to him only asking her on a date infront of brads eyes.

I didn't know what the big deal was, cause it's not like she said yes.

And that definitely wasn't a reason to almost kill some innocent boy.

But no one will ever get what goes on in brads mind.

Suddenly brad walked in, an angry look on his face. My heart started to race and I started to get chills all over my body. "If you tell anyone, you're dead" he threatened me. "You get me?" He barked.

Unable to speak I nodded.

And once again he turned away and walked out, shamelessly.

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