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"were gonna play a game I like called 7 minutes in heaven. I'm gonna spin the bottle and the two people who the ends of the bottle fall on need to get in my room and do stuff, and you know what I mean by "stuff", NO exceptions" brad said as the bottle stopped on me.

I swear i didn't want to do it, but he said no exceptions and I didn't want to break his word. I am already the most hated one.

Harry styles


2. chapter 2

Dear diary

I sat in my bed later that night. Just staring at the blank white ceiling.

Mom and dad were fighting downstairs but that didn't really matter to me, I am used to it.

Sometimes I think 'why did they even get married if they just fight all the time?'

I remember one time asking dad about it. He looked me straight in the eyes, and sighed. "Son, your mom and I love each other very much, don't you worry about us" he said quietly in my ear. And I believed him.

Whenever they fight, it isn't about how much the other doesn't care about them. But it is about money, the most stupidest thing ever made, but clearly the only thing people today can't live without. Except of love. But honestly all I really cared about at that moment was that I will never be able to fit in my grade. Iv had a really hard time fitting in my last grade, so now it'll definitely be much harder. I tried talking to my old friends yesterday, but they ignored me as well.

I start to wonder if I'm really that horrible. Cause I really don't want to die all alone with no body remembering who I was and what Iv done.

To tell you the truth you are my only friend, If it's ok to even define you as one.

I mainly write this to you so one day, when I'll be older, I'll be able to look back at my life and see who I really was, and what Iv been through. And not because I'm a 'lunatic' or someone made me to.

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