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"were gonna play a game I like called 7 minutes in heaven. I'm gonna spin the bottle and the two people who the ends of the bottle fall on need to get in my room and do stuff, and you know what I mean by "stuff", NO exceptions" brad said as the bottle stopped on me.

I swear i didn't want to do it, but he said no exceptions and I didn't want to break his word. I am already the most hated one.

Harry styles


1. chapter 1

Dear diary

Today was my first day of junior high, and to be honest I was quite scared. All throughout the summer Iv been trying to avoid. Well, today. My parents insisted that I should skip sophomore since Iv gotten straight A's, and have been bullies targets. They thought that if I'd learn with bigger kids they'll treat me nicely and more maturely. I thought that this was a stupid idea and I was right. Even though the first day has passed and I haven't been hit, not even once, I still walked alone in the schools halls. No one dared to talk to me all day long.

I was trying to find a reason why, and I even wrote a small paragraph describing myself. Maybe you will figure it out.

'I was always the most innocent, the quietest one, the smallest one. The one that never raised his hand in class, and walked alone in the school hallways. The one that never had sex nor masturbated. The one that didn't even knew the meaning of "bad" words. I was the one who would always listen to mom and dad. The one who came home on time and didn't get drunk. The one that if someone even mentioned to him the words "tattoos and drugs" he would get all sick and say no. Iv never looked at girls in a dirty eye or thought about fucking them so hard until they can't even stand the next day. Iv never went to pubs or even talked to friends on the phone, because I didn't really have much. I just used to lock my self in my room and do my homework or listen to music. Or In one word, I was: the good boy.'

There was a reason why I wrote it all in the past. I hope that one day this will all change, that my life will be much better than they are now. Because despite school I still have bigger problems at home.

And Lately every thing I do, is for a reason


I hope tomorrow everything is going to be a lot better. Because today was definitely the worst.


Hey guys I know the first chapter isn't so great but it's just a get to know the main character kind of thing. I promisee that it gets better!!! Please keep on reading and vote :)


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