Michael cliffords secert sister

Michael Clifford's secret sister


4. meeting

After getting to jades house I ran to the door still sobbing I knocked a couple of time the door flung open and there was jade standing there in shock because I am in her fave band then she looked sad because she saw I was crying she gave me a hug not how the fans do how a best friend would she hide her face in my chest her short blonde hair in a ponytail she had black ripped skinny jeans a shirt that had band names on it I smiled because our band name was not on it and then I saw black marker on it it had 5sos I the best out of these bands and she had full black high top converse on she pulled out f the hug ad said Michael why are u crying I laughed a bit and then a car came up and her mom came out she ran to jade and yelled "U HAVE A BROTHER AND HIS NAME IS" then she looked back and pointed at me jade ran to me and hugged me tighter this time then she let go and did a little happy dance and then she screamed REALLY loud "dang u can scream loud that it hurt MY ears" she looked at me with sorry eye then thy lit up again she yelled "MICHAEL!!!!!!! LETS DO SOMETHING SIBLINGS DOOOOOOOOOOOI!!!!!!" I laughed at her se said "hey laughing at people isn't nice butthole"

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