Michael cliffords secert sister

Michael Clifford's secret sister


3. blood test

Today was the day I get my boos test done

"JADE!! COME DOWN HERE WE NEED TO LEAVE!!" My mom said (yes I call her mom) so I was wearing at shirt that Sadi don't hate me with a heart on it black skinny jeans and my shirt was black with white letters and my black converse (no I am NOT emo ) (time skips at the doctors) so me and my mom walked in and went to the desk hi I am here to take a blood test to see if I have any living relatives "name please" the old lady at the desk said jade climate a nurse came out and said right this way miss climate

Michaels pov

My mom told me to go look in the garage for stuff to sell when a peace of paper fell I picked it up and it said jade Rosie Clifford on it a birth certificate it had all that stuff I ran inside MOM WHAT IS THIS WHY DIDT U TELL U HAD ONTHER CHILD WHY!!??? my mom looked scared I had it DONT CALL HER A IT MOM SHE IS A LIVING THING LIKE ME AND YOU I started to cry I was happy sad angry all at the same time my mom said "I could not have had her she would have made it harder on me and u her name is jade Rosie climate I found out her last name she has a ig a twitter and vine and keek she knows ur band her fav bands are 5sos fall out boy nirvana foo fighters blue October and loads more her ig account name is jaderosieclimate1 u can go see what aw looked like now I was full on sobbing my mom said she was at the adoption senter we only have one so u ran out the door I went there the told me who she was who her mom was her dad and all tht because they knew who I was and they knew I was her brother I found out her address so I went there

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