Songs of Solitude



1. Songs of Solitude

As I sit in silence within these closed walls,
Nothing but the sound of solitude around,
As smokes of cigarettes go flying in the air
I think of all memories lost and found.

I stare at the colorless walls and time stops
I think of you and all our times together
All I wish is to turn back time to you
And I sit back and watch the clock falter

Maybe loneliness knows me by name
It keeps coming back, as if stalking me
And hits me where I get hurt most
I feel as if I am lost at this endless sea.

I sit back, with a blank laugh and smile
The staring walls too laugh and smile
Behind it hides the mockery and falsity
As if a known friend turned vile

I know nothing lasts forever, nothing forever
There will be a rainbow after this tempest
As I sing songs of solitude now and again
I know good times will return finest

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