A girl is lonley and can't stop cutting.


1. Kisses Bitch



Sorry but I don't think that we work well together. Maybe we should see other people? I mean you're pretty and all, but you're not really my type... Sorry I couldn't say this to your face, but I'm really busy with Lily and all. See you around.


Don't you hate it when someone can't break up with you to your face. I mean come ON. Is it really that hard? Look at them and say "Hey I'm not really feelin' it. We're done. Bye!"

But NOOOOO that would be too easy.

I put my phone up and get ready for school. I pull on a Greenday crop top with a pair if ripped black jeans. 

I walk to the front door of my house. It is six in the morning, my mom is passed out with white powder smeared under her nostrils, and my old man is surrounded by empty beer bottles and is topping off another. 

"The fuck you starin' at bitch?!" He screamed at me. I threw up the bird and he chucked a newly empty bottle at me. I dogged out the door.

I pulled out the keys to my trashy blue jeep. I texted my bud Cameron to ask if he needed a ride to school. Seconds later he texted back a quick yes.

I jumped in my car and took off toward cams house.

Cam's family owns like most of the town. His dad is a pastor and his mom is a mayor. They have double the money of everyone in our tiny town combined, yet they still won't let Cam use one of their cars, or get a new one for him. So either I pick him up or he has to ride the bus to school.

We have been best friends since he kicked a guy in the balls for me in kindergarten. 

It was funny, this kid was trying to steal my milk so I kicked him in the shin but then he pushed me down and I broke my arm. The next day Cam was the first one to ask to sign my cast. It wa his first day so when he asked what happened I was shocked he didn't know. But I still told him. I was ashamed that I let him hurt me. Hue was so mad that he  went up to the boy and pushed him over and kicked him square between his legs.

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