A girl is lonley and can't stop cutting.


2. First Blade

When I got to Cam's place he hoped in.

"Soooooo... How are you? Cause I just saw a video of Nick making out with Lily."

"I'm just peachy! I wake up to a text from Nicki. I thought he was being sweet by sending me a 'good morning' text. Instead it's a break up text."

"It could be worse," Cam said.


"He could have broken up with you in font of a TON of people. Then seine could have taken a video and put on Facebook.... Not helping am I?" He rushed. I shook my head. I felt a tear fall past my eyelashes.


When I got home from school I went strait to my bathroom.

What do you do when you can't feel anything emotionally?

answer: You make your self feel physically. You can't make your skin feel good so you go for the next best thing. Starts with a B and ends with Lade. 

I have decided to try it. It can't be that bad. You just let your pain out with out hurting anyone but yourself.

I pull a camping blade slowly across my wrist. Tingles flow up my arm. I moan quietly. It hurt, but in a way I could feel. I felt alive for the first time since Nick ditched me for Lily. It was amazing.

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