Simple English

Carson Kelly. Normal teenager in high school with simple goals and a simple life. But when she starts to befriend new teacher Mr. Gee whom she starts to feel a real personal connection with, her seemingly simple life starts to get a lot more Complicated.


1. Goodbye Mr. Baxter

 October 3, 2014 is today's date. This is the  day Mr. Baxter, my honors English teacher, died from a heart attack right in the middle of class. He was 65 years old. 

I'm not actually sure if I'm sad or not, I mean he was a nice guy and all but I only knew him for a month before he died so I'm not sure exactly how I'm supposed to feel. I am still a little freaked though, I mean he just died right in the middle of class. I have a vivid picture in my head of him saying " Okay guys lets turn to chapter ...." and than gone. I wonder what Chapter he wanted us to turn to... Anyway all his students were invited to the funeral even though I really dont wanna go I thought It might be a little disrespectful if I didn't and one thing I hate is to rock the boat with people. Here's the thing it wasn't even that I didn't want to go because I didn't know him that well, I've been to plenty of funerals of long lost aunts and uncles, it was the fact that I hated crying  people. Crying people either make me laugh or cry. And I can't cry at this mans funeral because it'll look like I had an actual relationship with him and people would feel bad that I lost some body close when that's not the case at all. And I can't laugh either because I'll probably look like a giant ass hole I mean who laughs at funerals. Emotion repellant Carson Kelly that's who. But I am going to the funeral keeping my fingers crossed that I don't cry or laugh that I keep my neutral simple face as usual. 


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