Possible things happen

" why me exactly "
I thought I wouldn't have Someone who cared Bout me I guess I was wrong.


12. Your back

Marie's point of view 

Mom-" act nice " 

Marie-" mom " 

Lisa-" do you it's Luke hemmings " 

Marie-" no he moved 8 years ago " 

The door bell ringed Liam answered the door 

Liam-" Marie!" 

I couldn't believe my eyes it's him...............

Luke-" nice to see you again Marie " 

Marie-" Luke hemmings " 

He's hot and much more cuter and yes I did have a crush on him back then 

Luke-" ready to go " 

Marie-" yeah nice lip ring " 

Luke-" thanks " 

He took me to a pizza restaurant and we catched up on some stuff if your wondering yes I'm from Florida but Luke lived in Australia before then came to America for a year and that's when everything went downhill but when I moved to Australia that's how I met Abigail , Michael , and Ashton and Calum. My feelings started coming back for Luke I always hoped I would see him again.  He walked me home 

Luke-" I had a great time seeing you again " 

Marie-" me too but why didn't you stay in touch after you left " 

Luke-" well me and you were so close and I fell in love with you every second and I didn't want you to worry "

Marie-" I felt the same way " 

He kissed me it was passionate.

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