Possible things happen

" why me exactly "
I thought I wouldn't have Someone who cared Bout me I guess I was wrong.


4. You noticed me

Marie's point of view 

I walked home from school and watched YouTube videos until 6:30 I took a shower put on a red flannel top and short shorts I walked down stairs and saw that Liam , Lisa , mom , and dad were already at the table 

Mom-" sit down Marie " 

Marie-" so is this guest gonna get here already" 

Dad-" yes "

The door bell ringed Meghan got the door a familiar person walked in I realized it was calum Liam-" welcome who ever this person is " 

Lisa-" wow you are that dumb " 

I just looked at calum he smirked at me how could I not know my sister was dating the boy I like 

Lisa-" * whispers* Marie stop staring " 

Marie-" * whispers * oh sorry " 

* after the dinner * 

I was washing the dishes until calum came up to me 

Calum-" how could I not know you and Meghan were sisters "

Marie-" cause nobody notices me Except my friends " 

Calum-" oh so you weren't looking at me yesterday " 

Marie-" you saw me " 

Calum-" well it's obvious isn't it " 

He came closer I could barely breathe but I pushed him away 

Marie-" you should get back to Meghan " 

Calum-" yeah bye " 

Wow that would've been terrible if we kissed but I kinda wanted too.

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