Possible things happen

" why me exactly "
I thought I wouldn't have Someone who cared Bout me I guess I was wrong.


10. Seeing Calum

Marie's point of view 

Oh god what am I going to say I'm at the park waiting for Calum Maybe he'll be here I hope ugh why am I caring about this. So far it's been an hour I'm just gonna go somewhere 

Calum-" wait Marie " 

I turn around to see Calum I run up and hug him then we kissed 

Marie-" I want to be with you Calum I really do"

Calum-" I know you want me to go back to Meghan " 

Marie-" yeah I'm sorry and also I don't think it would work out anyway with us " 

Calum-" friends " 

Marie-" friends " 

There's only one person I am falling for.


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