Possible things happen

" why me exactly "
I thought I wouldn't have Someone who cared Bout me I guess I was wrong.


2. School

Marie's point of view 

* alarm * 

Marie-" * groans * 

I woke up by my alarm clock great I start school today I took a quick shower and put on a my chemical romance shirt , ripped skinny jeans , black vans , eye liner , black lipstick, and lip gloss after getting ready my mom was making breakfast 

Meghan-" you really need to change your clothing style " 

Meghan was the girly kind of girl And Lisa was goth she only wore black I'm emo so yeah I have a nose piercing and my hair is dark blue 

Lisa-" will you shut up " 

Liam-" how am I even related to you two " 

Lisa-" you mean three " 

Mom-" who " 

Dad-" there's someone else " 

Marie-" are you fucking kidding me right now!!!" 

Mom-" no swearing " 

Lisa-" who cares did you even notice Marie what's wrong with this family " 

Marie-" I'm leaving " 

 See what I mean I walked to school myself no one notices me except one boy I'm guessing he goes by the name calum cause he was just talking to his friend I ran to class but then people notice me it feels weird.

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