Possible things happen

" why me exactly "
I thought I wouldn't have Someone who cared Bout me I guess I was wrong.


3. Me?

Marie's point of view I'm in the back of the class as usual In front of me and beside me were my three best friends the first one was Abigail she is one of the nerds, Michael who I can talk to almost about everything, and my best friend since I was 4 Ashton I could never be mad at them Abigail-" ugh I hate math " Ashton-" can this get any worse " Michael-" can you not jinx us " Marie-" oh please you barley pay attention " Michael-" so what " Abigail-" why do we have this argument everyday " Marie-" cause we have the worst teacher ever " Ashton-" you can say that again " Michael-" so why were you late this time Marie " Marie-" my parents didn't notice me again and neither did my brother only Lisa and Meghan noticed me " Ashton-" how are you even related to Meghan and Liam they are popular and Lisa is the leader of the goths " Marie-" I don't know " Abigail-" what's weird is you and Lisa are different from your family " Marie-" yeah what's worse is that tonight my family meets Meghan's boyfriend " Ashton-" do you think she'll remember " Marie-" probably " The bell ringed me and Abigail walked to our next class this has to be a joke day for me.

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