Possible things happen

" why me exactly "
I thought I wouldn't have Someone who cared Bout me I guess I was wrong.


9. Decision

Marie's point of view 

I stayed at Ashton's for the night I don't want to go back home or to my foster home nobody loves me anymore 

Ashton-" you okay " 

Marie-" no where am I supposed to go " 

Ashton-" maybe work things out with your Foster parents " 

Marie-" after I ran off like that it wouldn't be such a great idea " 

Ashton-" well there's only one person left " 

I knew what he meant that person was Calum 

Marie-" no I can't face him " 

Ashton-" Marie you didn't mean for anything to happen it was just mistakes but the biggest mistake was letting you go " 

God I hate it when Ashton was right like always

Marie-" I'll see him tomorrow " 

Ashton-" we are here for you Marie " 

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