Possible things happen

" why me exactly "
I thought I wouldn't have Someone who cared Bout me I guess I was wrong.


7. A lie

Marie's point of view 

I woke up by someone crying I went downstairs and saw Meghan was crying everyone was around her 

Mom-" did Calum tell you why " 

Meghan-" he said that he fell in love with Someone else " 

Mom-" who " 

Meghan-" I don't know " 

Marie-" hey " 

Liam-" what was that voice " 

Lisa-" that's it mom we can't keep ignoring Marie forever you and dad know that " 

Dad-" we can't tell her until she's older" 

Liam-" we can't we have to tell her now " 

Meghan-" who cares about that " 

Lisa-" me and Liam do and Marie is part of our family know so just tell her already " 

Marie-" tell me what " 

Mom-" Marie we adopted you when you were little but when you turned 15 your real parents wanted to take you back " 

Marie-" no wonder why I have an American accent so this whole time my life has been a lie" 

Meghan-" basically " 

Marie-" I'm leaving " 

Liam-" where are you going to go " 

Marie-" I don't know but anywhere from the people who was supposed to love me but don't and Calum kissed me last night " 

Meghan-" YOU BITCH!" 

Marie-" it wasn't my fault and I don't know why you hate me so much before this happened" 

I walked out the door they were screaming my name I can't believe I'm living a lie now wonder why I'm not like them I need to see my real parents I can't take being in a family who doesn't love me anymore.



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