That one night


2. What Happened

When I woke up I was in a clinically white room with people wearing green scrubs left, right and centre. I tried looking around but the neck restraint tightly holding my neck in place was stopping that. “What the hell happened out there Steph?” Tamara said with a soft concerning voice “I, I don’t remember. All I remember is there was a guy with a gun who just stood there and I kept asking if he was Charlie and he said he wasn’t Charlie. There is someone. Someone else who knows about us, how the hell did this happen Tamara? How did he find out? Did he only want to kill me?...” “Calm the hell down girl, you need to get your shit together and stop stressing everything is under control. Ish” Tamara said with a slightly alarming tone “What do you mean ish..?” I asked, my voice more uncertain than it had ever been “Well, you may not want to know” “I may not want to know, but I think I have a right to know!!”, I said raising my voice to next to yelling point “Well, there is an angry mob outside who is blaming you for giving away the secret of the Hepers. But they don’t know the truth about what really happened last night, everyone thinks that you went out, found Glen, told him everything and then kissed him so that he wouldn’t tell anyone!” Tamara sort of just blurted out in one breath “Who is Glen, and I don’t remember kissing anyone, I would not have lost my virgin lips to some random guy named Glen, I am fucking lesbian for god sakes!” I yelled back. Startling Tamara slightly “Glen is the leader of the Heper Hunters. They are a group of people who dedicate their lives to going out and killing the hepers that are still alive, he tried to kill you! And don’t ever lose your virgin lips to a guy named Glen, ever!!” “But how did Glen and his Heper Hunters find out about us anyway?” “That’s the same question we all want to know, we are going to talk to Charlie now to see if he knows the guy”, she said as she walked out the door before I could stop her. “Recover quickly bub!” she says as she peaks her head around the door. I feel so alone laying on this bed, with foreign objects poking into me, draining me of fluids, then replacing them with a transparent foul smelling liquid. I feel like I am being mutated, and if they hit a certain vein or nerve I will begin to turn and our secret will be exposed, I have to be cautious of everything that I do and say, because with one slip of the tongue our whole secret will be exposed to the world.
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