That one night


1. Leave me Alone

“Stephanie, Stephanie…” The other lions taunted as I bolted back to the Heper Society. “Stop! What did I ever do to you to deserve this? Just leave me alone!!” I shouted, or should I say howled back desperately trying to sound confident, but i’m pretty sure my shaking uncertain voice gave the whole game away. “Once you start being normal we will leave you alone” they chanted back to my despair. See, ever since I came out I have been treated like a lump of shit lying on the ground that everyone thinks they can just trample over at their own leisure. “Guys! Leave her alone! Stop treating her like shit just because she isn’t afraid to show who she really is!” Tamara howled in my defence. Tamara is my best and only friend. Mainly because she is the only one who sort of accepts me for who I am. She is also the girl that I am madly in love with, but of course she doesn’t know that because she denies any connection before it even happens. God, sometimes I wish I didn’t come out to everyone. My life would be so much easier and I wouldn’t have to deal with the same amount of crap as I do now. There is only one other lion that has come out before me. His name was Jarred, and once he came out everyone harassed him and when he said that he wanted to run for the position of the alpha everyone tore him to shreds. That is why I am continuously trying to lay low and fly under the radar. So that I can keep my dignity and body in one piece. Laying in bed that night I was contemplating jumping off the town bridge, but then I remembered if I jumped I would only be dead for 5 minutes, it sucks, well actually it sorta doesn’t because I have died like 50 times, and I’m all up here like hey bitches im back every time. So really its great. “Rise and shine bub”, Tamara whispered in my ear at 4 in the morning, on a Sunday. A sunday I tell you!! “Today’s your big day” She squealed still perched next to my bed, annoying as ever. “Argh, it’s like 4 in the morning, I really don’t feel like doing anything at the moment” I said in a husky morning voice. ------When I was actually awake------ I was just about to kill my first gazelle and get my level 19 hunting certificate when in my peripheral vision I see a human figure holding a gun. It only took me a second to figure out that it was Charlie Ugestine. He was the only person who was brave enough to have looked in more detail about the specials and he is the only human to have ever come within a 5 mile radius of the Heper Society campus. We promised not to kill him if he promised to protect the surroundings of the campus and kill anything that could pose a threat to the specials. He has been on such high guard lately because the festival is coming up next week. “Charlie” I whispered “It’s me Stephanie, the gay one” I was expecting a reply or signal that he had heard. But nothing happened. “Charlie, answer me” i said with a sterner voice this time “Charlie….” I said my voice quivering with fear as I began to wonder if the human was actually Charlie. “Who are you?” I asked not really wanting to know the answer. “Not Charlie” was the only reply. The next few seconds went by in a blur, one minute I was trying to get Charlie's attention, the next minute I hear the sound of a gun firing.
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