A Show Of Alliance: The Start Of Something Astonshing?

"Three friends, all pretty cool, traveled to death city only to become the top notch students of their class!" Hunter wrote and said aloud he as looked up at the DWMA. "Sounds about right? Right guys?" Hunter smiled behind him. Short, bouncy blond hair. Navy blue eyes, and a straight face. Like usual. Sam, A.K.A Sambo, followed next to her. Dark brown hair , light brown eyes. Talking about lockers and stairs. Sambo smiled and chuckled. Hunter sighed, running his hand through his black hair. "You guys never pay attention!" Hunter screamed as he stomped up the stair. This was the start to a great year at the DWMA. A year of souls, witches, and kishins?


4. The Steaming Soul Cafe

(Written by Sam & Hunter)

Jonathan sat up in his bed shortly after Hunter had fallen asleep. He looked over at him, rubbing his eyes. He noticed that Hunter wasn't covered up and was still wearing his jeans. Then he noticed the large, but not deep cut across his chest.

"Hunter what the fuck!?"

This of course woke them all up, since Jonathon is rather loud. Sam just rolled over and told him to shut up, but Sidney and Hunter slowly sat up.


"Dude you got a giant cut on you! For some reason this reminds me of when my mom drove off without me..."

Hunter tilted his head and gave Jonathon a funny look, "How does that relate in any way?"

Jonathon shrugged,"You're okay though right, do you need Tylenol? Ibuprofen?"

"Shut the fuck up."

Hunter laid back down, mad that he was woken up for no reason. Suds was still looking over at Jonathon sleepily, and Sam was drooling on his pillow.

8:00 a.m, five hours later

Sidney was already awake and ready to go do anything, she wakes up surprisingly early, unlike Sam and Hunter. Jonathan seemed to just wake up whenever. Sam was of course still drooling on his pillow, and Hunter was in the process of waking up because the sun was shining through the windows and into his eyes. He groaned and rolled over, and off of the bed accidentally. This woke Sam up, who threw the drool covered pillow down at him and almost slammed his head back onto the bed to sleep more. "Mom, I don't wanna get up." Hunter moaned as he laid motionless on floor. With a drool covered pillow over his head. He was already drifting back off when Sidney walked up and lightly kicked him.

"Come on sleepy head. We need to go do something. Get up or I'll throw you out that window." Sidney approached Sam's bed. "You too. You need to get up." Sidney stated shaking her best friend. Sam wiggled and slapped at Sidney's hands finally though he was wide awake. Sam moaned and stood up. His hair was sticking straight up. Hunter looked across at him.

"Do we really have to get up this early?" He asked, sitting down on his mattress. "It's Saturday for crying out loud. Besides, what's the big deal? You woke us up and not 'Mr. Oh man you have a huge cut loud mouth'."

"Stop being such a baby." Sidney said throwing him a shirt. "We're going out to eat. I'm not gonna sit in here all day. I wanna meet people. I wanna see cool things. Death city is amazing, besides, I might even see Death The Kid!" This had to of been Sidney's first time smiling since they got here. Kid was one of Sidney's crushes. Her step dad applies Death with all his electronic needs, that's why she knows about him.

"Suds, I thought we agreed to leave the fan girl stuff at home." Sam sighed walking over to the chest holding his clothes.

"Um, yeah right." Sidney said clearing hear throat, attempting to act cool. "Besides, why would a badass like Death The Kid just wander death city. He's probably fighting awesome monsters."

"I bet he is." Hunter stated sarcastically. He yawned, then while rubbing his eyes he walking over to Jonathan's bed. Hunter put his hands under the mattress and lifted. He flipped Jonathan over onto the metal springs under the mattress. "Wake up. We're going places." He put deodorant and cologne on and then put on the power rangers shirt Sidney threw at him. Sam walked over and tugged the mattress off of Jonathan. He laid their, still snoring. It didn't even phase him. "Are you freaking kidding me! How did he sleep through that?" Hunter yelled grabbing his skate board with both hands. "I'll freaking wake him up. I'll hit him until he does!" He lifted the board over his and went to swing it down but the board was caught midair by Sidney.

"Just because you're tired doesn't mean you should hit people." Sidney threw the board down on the floor. "I'll wake him up." She rolled him over on his back. Jonathan twitched a little bit, like a puppy having a dream. "Jonathan, wake up. We've got to go get so mother fucking pancakes." Jonathan's eyes hot open.

"Pancakes! I want pancakes!" Jonathan stood up and threw on clothes as fast as possible. "What are we waiting for? let's go!" He yelled running out the door, still fumbling to put put his arm through the arm holes of his shirt. Sidney and Sam followed behind. Hunter picked up his board and put on one of his flat bills. Out the door they went.

They caught up to Jonathan at a coffee shop. He was staring in the window looking at a waiter bring out a fresh stack of steaming pancakes. Sam grabbed the collar of his shirt and drug him inside. "Come on boy. Let's get some food." He spoke to Jonathan as if he was a dog. You could tell Jonathan's mouth was watering. He licked his lips every five seconds, saliva dripping from his tongue. Hunter and Sidney followed in behind the two.

The shop was medium sized. Dark oak hard wood floors, a glass case full of cakes and other sweets, booths and tables sat up all around the room, a cash register on a counter in the far right of room with a door leading to the kitchen behind it. The was half wood paneling and half white wall paper of Death's head, a pretty standard symbol around the city. The group of friends took a seat at a tall table close to the back of room. A boy with brown slicked back hair approached them. He wore an apron, a white button up with rolled up sleeves, black jeans, a bow tie and black shoes. His chin was slightly pointed and his eyes were an ocean blue. "Welcome to the steaming soul. I'm Ryan, can I start by bring you some drinks?" His voice was very calm, but he also seemed mad. A rough morning maybe.

"Yeah, that would be nice." Hunter smiled. "I could totally use a nice cup of coffee. Chocolate creamer and loads of sugar."

"I'll just have Kool-aid." Sidney said, flipping her bangs out from in front of her eyes.

"I would like some water." Sam said.

"I want a coffee and a huge stack of pancakes." Jonathan said excitedly.

"I'll get you everything you want as soon as possible." Ryan said looking over his shoulder and smiling at Sidney.

"Dude, he's totally into you!" Hunter laughed, pounding the table with his fist. "He's cute, you should go for it. If I was gay, or a girl, I would totally bang that." Sidney didn't really reply. Hunter shrugged it off and began to talk to Sam about starting a band like they had talked about.

About 15 minutes pass and Ryan comes back with the coffees, water, Kool-aid, and huge stack of pancakes. The friends take their time enjoying their drinks. Except Jonathan. He scarfs down his meal and gets another plate. He eats three full plates of five pancakes. Then Hunter has to pull him off the table and take him outside. Sidney pays for the meal as Sam goes outside. Hunter looks into the window and notices Ryan talking to her. He writes something down and laughs He hands he the napkin he wrote it on to Sidney and then smiles. Sidney walks out of the café carrying his phone number. "Looks like it's somebody's lucky day!" Hunter shouts, throwing his skate board down, riding it along side his friends back to their dorm.

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