A Show Of Alliance: The Start Of Something Astonshing?

"Three friends, all pretty cool, traveled to death city only to become the top notch students of their class!" Hunter wrote and said aloud he as looked up at the DWMA. "Sounds about right? Right guys?" Hunter smiled behind him. Short, bouncy blond hair. Navy blue eyes, and a straight face. Like usual. Sam, A.K.A Sambo, followed next to her. Dark brown hair , light brown eyes. Talking about lockers and stairs. Sambo smiled and chuckled. Hunter sighed, running his hand through his black hair. "You guys never pay attention!" Hunter screamed as he stomped up the stair. This was the start to a great year at the DWMA. A year of souls, witches, and kishins?


1. The Hero's Journey Begins!

(Part written by Hunter)

*Clomp* *Clomp* Hunter Stomped up the stairs mumbling to him self in anger. "Gosh, they never pay attention. What the hell. Always talking stupid stuff. Why am I even their friend?" Hunter wasn't even half way up the stairs before he turned around. He began stomping down the stairs. "They room with me and I have no idea where the room is. Ugh. Those douche bags." He met up with them toward the bottom. "Hey guys." He said standing next to Sambo.

"So. Many. Fucking. Stairs." Sidney complained as she looked up at the rest of the stairs. "I just wanna crawl in a hole and die" She sighed.

"Bro, you got this." Sambo winked and snapped. He smiled and laughed. Sidney looked over and sighed, not amused. They started their endeavor up the white stairs to the doors over the building. Hunter looked over at his friends.

"Can we please just get our ID cards and our miesters and stuff. I wanna go before more people show up and screw up the vibe. Besides, I wanna sleeeep." Hunter whined. He took off up the stairs, again. "Let's go!" Hunter shouted back as he walked up the stairs.

From behind he could hear a series of sighs. "Is there an elevator some place? I don't wanna walk. Suds, carry me."





"Ugh, Fine." Sidney replied letting Sam jump up on her back. Struggling, she made her way up four stairs and dropped him.

"Guys, stop goofing off. Let's hurry up." Hunter yelled about twenty steps ahead."We only have like probably two-hundred more steps. Almost there!"

Thirty minutes later

"Finally, took you guys long enough. I've been here for like ten minutes." Hunter exclaimed standing up. He made his way over to the stairs, looking down. People were flooding up the stairs. "Guys! Hurry! It's rush hour, people are finally showing up. We have to be first in line!" Hunter grabbed Sidney's arm and drug her inside along with Sam. Running through the intertwining halls, trying to make it to room 10B. "Lets go, lets go, lets go!"

"Slow down, I need a break. I- I'm almost out of breath."

"No! No breaks! We have to hurry!" Finally arriving at room 10B Sam collapsed.
"Go on without me captain. I'm a goner." Sam huffed. He was laying on his back. Arms spread wide, kind of as if he was mid jumping jack. 
"No soldier, I can't leave you behind!" Hunter tugged at Sam's leg attempting to drag him into the room. Dragging Sam over the tiles and into the carpeted room was no easy task. It was as if he was dragging a dead body, dead weight. Room 10B was a smaller room, clearly made just for the first day of school. A small green screen was set up in front of a camera. There was a stool also placed there. Behind a desk in the left back corner of the room was where he first saw her. His jaw dropped, he threw Sam's leg down and half whisper, half mumbled, "Get up soldier." 
Mrs. Himlock. Blond hair tied up in a bun, thick framed black glasses, a thin black dress and red skirt. Probably the youngest teacher at the DWMA. Hunter couldn't take his eyes off her. She was the prettiest thing he had ever seen. He was mesmerized by her astounding beauty. Then a shock of pain when through his face he noticed Sidney's had pull back. "Get it together." She sighed as she approached the desk. "Hi Mrs. Himlock. I'm Sidney, the boy in the pink hoodie is Hunter and the kid on the ground is Sambo. We're here for our ID cards." 
"Oh yes!" Mrs. Himlock stood up and smiled. She clapped her hands together and approached the camera. "Please take a seat on the stool in front of the green screen. I'm so glad to be meeting new students. This is my first year and I love new people. After I take the picture what background would you like? That's why we have the green screen up, so we can change the background to the student's liking."
"I don't care." Sidney stated as she took a seat on stool. She flipped her bangs out from in front of her face and stared straight at the camera. Not even a sound came out of the camera when the picture was taken.
"All done sweetheart." Mrs. Himlock smiled. "Next please." She looked over at Hunter. 
His heart melted. Omg. Omg. Omg. She looked at me! Same stood up from behind him and dusted himself off. Hunter grabbed his collar and shook him. "She looked at me!" He let go, kind of tossing Sam back. Just chill. Calm and collected. He let out a deep breath and walked over to the stool. He sat down and smiled at her. The camera was silent again and she spoke. 
"Okay dear. You can go and stand by your friends again. Your ID cards will be ready in room 11B." She smiled. Hunter stood up and walked back to his friends. Mouthing silently "Oh my god!".
Sam went over and took his picture. He stopped himself from dying long enough to smile and make his way out of the room with Sidney and Hunter. There was already a line behind him as they walked down the hall to room 11B. They opened a big oak door with a gray handle to see and short chubby teacher with brown short hair and golden glasses typing up their cards. Sidney informed him of her partner, Sam. Hunter looked nervously as a boy ran into the room. The boy was wearing a T-shirt and a dark pants. Medium length black hair, standard for a boy. Hunter looked at him and pointed. "He's my partner! What's your name?"
"Jonathon, miester for the DWMA." Jonathon smirked and struck a cool pose. 
"Thank, god you're a miester. I mean I don't really need one but it's required. I've been getting along as my own weapon for a while. But it looks like you're my new partner." Sidney was handed her ID card, then Hunter, then Sam, then Jonathon. They were the first students of the year but all had different ID numbers. Sidney's was 169, Hunter's was 666, Sam's was 170, and Jonathan's was 998. 
Finally they were all done with their first journey as DWMA students. They could just head back to their room and sleep. Hunter and Jonathan started their EAT classes Monday and Sidney and Sam started their NOT classes that same day. They had three days to get use to the city. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They could find jobs and buy cool things. Mainly food. Food was always the best thing. 
Sidney unlocked the door to room 227. Jonathan rushed inside. "Oh my god! This is so cool. I already made friends and got a room!"
"But you don't live here." Sam stated flowing behind him. 
"It looks like you have an extra bed. I'll go put my name down on the room list!" Jonathan said smiling and running out the door. His voice trailed off down the halls. 
"Why'd you have to pick him as a partner?" Sam asked as he sat down in a chair and turned to Hunter. 
"He was the first one in the room besides you dweeps. Besides, he seems cool." Hunter sat down on his bed, taking off his hoodie and then his shirt. He threw them over on the floor. He threw off his shoes, pulled off his socks with his toes, and stripped out of his pants. He crawled into bed in only his underwear. Getting under the covers that were placed on his bed he yelled before closing his eyes. 

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