A Show Of Alliance: The Start Of Something Astonshing?

"Three friends, all pretty cool, traveled to death city only to become the top notch students of their class!" Hunter wrote and said aloud he as looked up at the DWMA. "Sounds about right? Right guys?" Hunter smiled behind him. Short, bouncy blond hair. Navy blue eyes, and a straight face. Like usual. Sam, A.K.A Sambo, followed next to her. Dark brown hair , light brown eyes. Talking about lockers and stairs. Sambo smiled and chuckled. Hunter sighed, running his hand through his black hair. "You guys never pay attention!" Hunter screamed as he stomped up the stair. This was the start to a great year at the DWMA. A year of souls, witches, and kishins?


3. That's A First

(Written by Hunter)

It was around 9PM Friday night. Everybody had already crashed from the day's events. The sick ass mini fridge, the motorcycle, just all the physical activity. Hunter woke up. His mouth dry. He rolled out of bed and walked across the hard wood floor on the pads of his feet. Finding the mini fridge, he opened it and grabbed a bottle of water. Then suddenly he was wide awake. The tired feeling was gone. His eyes didn't feel heavy, he could feel himself wanting to do something. Looking at the skate board leaned against the foot of his bed he whispered to himself, "I'll learn to ride you. I'll get so good that I'll ride you down all the stairs leading to the DWMA." With a smirk he through on his leather jacket, black skinny jeans, his chain wallet, and his black hightops. He grabbed the skate board and made his way outside.

It was dark outside, dim street lamps being the only source of light. Nobody was wandering the streets. It was quiet. As if all the evil in the world decided to quit for one night so all the Meisters could have a break.

It was a bit nippy outside. Hunter zipped up his jacket. He checked the drawl strings to make sure they were even. Then, as carefully as possible he sat down his board on the cold concrete. First his right foot went onto the board. His left pushed off. He kept pushing off the ground, gaining speed. Finally he lifted his left foot up and put it on the board. Trying to keep his balance on both feet. He didn't want to make the board flip. Falling once was enough. If he did again he would be so embarrassed, even if nobody was there to see it.

Hunter practiced keeping the board straight for about twenty minutes, only hitting a light pole once. Now it was time to start changing directions. First Hunter tried steering right, he leaned to the right and hoped he didn't hit a building. He changed directions successfully. And moved on to something else.

He pushed, and pushed, and pushed. Gaining speed until he couldn't push anymore. He wasn't very good at riding yet, but at least he could keep himself up and going without falling on his face again. He swerved right and left to get a good feeling of turning. He made the sharpest right he could into a dark ally. He got off his board and threw it down, it rolled and he ran trying to jump on it while it was going. The first couple of times were complete fails. The skateboard slid out from under his feet and went farther down the ally, leaving him flat on his ass. He sighed and stood up. The sound of his feet echoed through the ally as he approached the board. There was one thing he was good at before even getting this skateboard. That is flipping it up to his hand and catching it. He stomped his foot on the back of board and flipped it up. He threw it down again and let it roll a bit before tying to jump on it. Once again he was not successful. He fell on his butt and watched the board hit a metal trashcan. The sound echoed for what seemed like forever. He didn't want to wake anybody up.

Once again he stood up and made his way to his board. He stomped on it again and caught it. He turned around to start going the other way. The board hit the ground just as the can rattled. Hunter looked over his sholder. First all he saw was a hand, then a tongue, an arm, another hand, another arm, and then the head. Saliva dripped from its pointed teeth. Its snake like tongue rested on the right side of his mouth. Its face was stained red. Two empty eye sockets made hunter feel as if he was staring into hell. The things skin tone was a rotting green. All it wore was a pair of ripped brown pains. No shoes, and he carried a double headed fire axe. Its chain pointed and the top of its head rounded. It let out a growl as it lifted the axe above its head. Hunter kicked the board and jumped on. He went forward about 10 feet and the jumped off the board. The thing swung the axe down where he was standing.

"Well this certainly is a first." Hunter studdered. "I guess all weapons start out somewhere. I just hope I'm not in over my head." He smirked. Was it confidence or was he trying to hide his fear. Not even he knew. With a glow of red light his right leg became the blade of a sword from the knee down. The blade was a ploshied black, the edges were silver, a square ruby rested toward the start of the knee. "Let's just get this over with." Hunter jumped into the air, pushing off from the ground with this left foot and leg. Bringing his right leg up he swung down at the monster's head. It brought up the wooden handle of the axe and blocked the blow. The monster pushed up causing Hunter to go into the air a couple feet. He quickly changed directions and pushed off the back wall of the ally. The sword leg cut part of monster's left arm. Hunter landed in front of it next to his board. The monster let out a roar and spun the axe over his head striking down and grazing Hunter's chest. Hunter fell backward and tumbled, trying to get back to his feet. He touched his chest. He could feel the warmth of his own blood pressed against his body. He looked down at his hand, it was covered in the crimson liquid. "Fuck you, you're a wannabe hulk." Hunter grunted through his teeth as he ran toward the creature. His right leg was a no longer a sword. Hunter jumped grabbed under the monster's chin into his neck. A burst of red light appeared as his left arm became a full blade, piercing the things throat. The wannabe hulk fell onto his back after the unexpected blow. Hunter pressed his feet against the monster's chest and turned his legs into blades. The momentum and the force of the impacted caused the swoard to go through the bulking chest of the creature. The thing let out a gurgle and turned into a black mist. In the center was a red orb, the soul.

Hunter's first soul. It looked so amazing. "They look so much more delicious in person then they do in a picture." His mouth watered as he licked his lip. The orb floated gently in the air as Hunter reached for it. He grabbed it and stuck out his tongue. He opened his mouth farther than he knew he could. The orb was mixture of flavors. Bitter, sweet, sour, and creamy. It tasted like some kind of green apple ice cream, if there even was such a thing. Hunter chewed and then swallowed. He sighed with relief. He craved more. He wanted more. He wanted nothing more than to kill more of these things. He finally felt the feeling of wanting more power, he wanted to become a death weapon.

Hunter sighed and whispered, "one down, 98 more to go. I knew I didn't need a meister." He chuckled and picked up his board. He pulled out his phone. The clock read 11:30. "Damn, I've been out here for almost three hours. Let's get home. I'm hungry. Maybe I can steal some of Jonathan's pastries."

Back at the dorm Hunter leaned his board against the wall as soon you walk in. He opened the fridge and at some pastry. Then he took off his went to the shower room to clean up. He washed out his wound and put on a fresh set of clothes. Then he wrote a letter home telling his mother to send him a new leather jacket. He didn't go into detail. She didn't need to worry. "I didn't expect my day to end that way." Hunter sighed falling back into his bed. He didn't even take off his jeans before laying down. He looked up at the ceiling, and watched his eyelids close. Drifting off he thought about what he was getting into. He smirked and knew he was ready to face whatever life through at him.

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