A Show Of Alliance: The Start Of Something Astonshing?

"Three friends, all pretty cool, traveled to death city only to become the top notch students of their class!" Hunter wrote and said aloud he as looked up at the DWMA. "Sounds about right? Right guys?" Hunter smiled behind him. Short, bouncy blond hair. Navy blue eyes, and a straight face. Like usual. Sam, A.K.A Sambo, followed next to her. Dark brown hair , light brown eyes. Talking about lockers and stairs. Sambo smiled and chuckled. Hunter sighed, running his hand through his black hair. "You guys never pay attention!" Hunter screamed as he stomped up the stair. This was the start to a great year at the DWMA. A year of souls, witches, and kishins?


2. Getting Settled In

(Written by Sam)

Sam rolled out of bed and looked down at it like there was a giant spider about to eat him. His hair flipping every way thought possible, just from sleeping. Hunter sat up and waved at Sam, still looking tired, Sam waved back and left their dorm to find a bathroom.

Hunter laughed to himself about how Sam woke up, which woke Sidney up. She sat up slowly, her hair basically formed into a blonde afro. Jonathon woke up a lot less pleasantly than the previous three. Sam almost broke the door down running back in.

"They're serving free breakfast today! It's pancake day!"

And then he ran back out, probably out of the entire dorm, and into the cafeteria. Of course he was still in his pajamas, which was just a blue t-shirt and black basketball shorts. And he didn't have his shoes either because they were still by his bed. When Sidney and Hunter looked over to see if Jonathon had woken up, he was already pulling on his work boots and running out the door, yelling about "the motherfucking free pancakes."

Suds and Hunter looked at each other, nodded, and stood up and started changing. Well, Hunter just put on clothes. His normal pink hoodie and black jeans, Sidney wore a red flannel shirt and dark jeans as well. They straightened out their hair in the small mirror attached to the wall, and started walking to the cafe.

"I think that Jonathon guy and Sam will be pretty good friends," Hunter tried starting conversation as usual.

"Not if they're fighting over pancakes."

Once they arrived they instantly recognized their friends, violently shoving syrup covered pancakes into their mouths, not wanting to have to wait for seconds. There were a few other people there too, spread out across the room. They ate a lot slower than the two vacuums that Hunter and Sidney had for friends. Sam noticed the two still standing in the doorway, and yelled with his mouth still full of food.

"Sidney! They have free whipped cream too!"

But it sounded less like actual words.

Sidney and Hunter went to the counter, where an older lady stood holding a stack of fancy looking plates. She sat them down, and turned towards the duo.

"Pancakes I'm guessing?"

Hunter nodded and thanked the woman as she gave both of them neat plates of steaming pancakes, and pointed the in the direction of the syrup and other condiment type things. When they were done they sat down at the table that the other boys were at just as Sam ran up to get another plate, Jonathon not far behind him.

"They're gonna get fat if they eat like that every day here," Sidney took a bite of delicious food, but kept a straight face.

Hunter nodded, too busy chewing to answer with words. Sam and Jonathon came back, but were slowing down on their eating. Jonathon stared down at his pancakes and then up at the trio of friends.

"I still don't know your names."

Two hours later

"So then I got real scared and just ended up as a weapon with Sidney holding me! Cool right?"

All four friends were carrying boxes into their dorm, Hunter carrying the most. He had three boxes stacked on top of each other, Sam had two and both Sidney and Jonathon each had one. They dropped them on their beds and Sam collapsed next to his.

"Too much physical activity."

Sidney looked over at him like he was stupid, "You were just telling a story, rather loudly may I add, and you were just fine."

"But that doesn't count!"

Hunter opened up one of his boxes and started pulling things out, laying clothes on the end of his bed to put up later. One whole box of his was just clothes, he had a leather jacket, a pink flannel shirt, pink v-neck, randomly colored button up shirts, and a wide variety of bow ties. Hunter is obviously very concerned with looking fashionable. In the second box were five different swords, a set of three and two separate ones. He set them up on one of two desks in the room. He also pulled out two folded up posters, one from some game and another was from a band that an 'Emo kid' would listen to. He put them up above his bed using scotch tape.

Sidney did the same, but instead had quite a few plushies in her box. She neatly arranged them around her pillow and at the foot of her bed, sitting one on a windowsill between Sam and her own bed. Sam stood up and put his second box on Sidney's bed, since he was just carrying it for her.

Sam opened his actual box and pulled out deoterant, a few shirts and a hoodie, more black basketball shorts, and different colors of cargo shorts.

Jonathan's was a lot like Sam's, just with more jeans rather than shorts.

They had one closet to split between the four of them, Hunter and Sidney hung all of their clothes up while Sam and Jonathon put their's in a chest that was also in the closet.

"Now that we're done unpacking all our shit can we go buy things?" Jonathon was getting impatient, he had been asking the entire time they were setting things up.

Sidney nodded and grabbed her wallet off the second desk, throwing Sam his. They walked out with the other two following.

"Where even is the market?"

Sam, as always, using completely incorrect grammar. He was looking around outside their dorm like it should be right there on the street. Sidney started walking left, and the rest followed her. Although nobody knew how she knew where she was going.

After about ten minutes of walking they where at the marketplace. It just looked like a high class flea market. Sam ran off into one of the rows of booths, yelling something about bikes. Hunter and Jonathon both saw a booth selling pastries and instantly walked over, and Sidney just looked around until she saw a sloth plushy and then she sprinted to it and bought it impulsively, hugging it tightly. She started looking around again before hearing Sam from somewhere across the market.

"This bike is seriously only 200 bucks?! What's wrong with it?! Really?! I know how to fix that give it to me!"

"God dammit Sam bought a motorcycle."

Back with Hunter and Jonathon, they had bags full of food on their arms, and Hunter found some manga. Jonathon tapped Hunter on the shoulder and pointed to a mini fridge. Hunter nodded and walked up to the booth.

"How much for the mini fridge sir?"

"It's broken, not worth anything but scrap. But if you still want it I'll charge ya ten bucks."

Jonathon took out his wallet and handed a ten dollar bill to the man, "We'll come back for it later."

He pulled Hunter towards another booth, "That guy is so stupid it has a temperature setting on the back but it's just hard to notice it's probably just turned off."

"...Sweet, cheap mini fridge- Holy shit! Look at that skateboard!" He pulled out his own wallet this time and walked up to a guy with deadlocks, who looked high, "How much for that skateboard?"

The skateboard had the DWMA symbol on the bottom of it, and in the background it looked like the night sky.

"Uhh, this one? I don't know man like twenty dollars."

Hunter handed him the money and took the board. He dropped it to the ground and stood on it, pushing himself off he face planted.

"This is fucking gay as fuck."

He stood up rubbing his face, and carried the board instead of riding it.

An hour later

They had all arrived back and the dorm just awhile ago. Sam actually bought a broken motorcycle, but he claims he can fix it if "you just give him like a week."

Hunter had bought some flatbill hats and beanies, Sidney found a tiny cactus plant, and Jonathon actually spent money on one of the choices of school uniforms, instead of blowing it all like Sam did.

Sam already fell asleep, claiming to be tired from pushing the bike all the way home. And the others were on their way.

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