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Current Theme Week Winner: "Are You My mother" by Lavern2002


11. Touch the Stars by Queen Of Madness and Infinite_Exho

 First thing I noticed is the beautifully made by C.H Potter. As I began to read this story I was captured by the alluring way that you write your descriptions.Even the pre-face, which is the hardest part to write is utterly captivating, and wonderfully mysterious. There is so much emotion in the way you write, I almost thought that they were my own emotions. You're writing is utterly and devastatingly wonderful. I think we can all agree that Queen Of Madness and Infintie_Exho  have written a beautiful story together. I sincerely hope that you two continue to write this story. I really think that the only thing that would make this story better is if it was in First Person Point Of View. I hope that you both continue to write.

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