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10. The Seven Seas Can’t Stop Me by ILoveFrankZhang

The Seven Seas Can’t Stop Me by ILoveFrankZhang

"A daughter of a god. Cast aside, deciding to take the leap of her life."

When I first looked at the cover of the book I was immediately intrigued. There was a collection of random yet specific objects with included a bleeding eye blue lips and a golden apple. These, seeming, random collection of object intrigued me as to what the book was about.

The cover is done nicely, looks professional and suits the book and the plot.

The title of the book interested me as well. With the colour of the book, being predominantly blue and the title including the word ‘sea’ I wondered about how the book would be connected to the story and plot line.

The Seven Seas Can’t Stop Me is a Percy Jackson Fan fiction, which instantly got me hooked. I love Percy Jackson and I was interested to see how the author was going to write the characters.

The book begins well. It has a strong opening. We are introduced to the character of Shelby and we are explained her situation.

(The only thing I would say is some of the facts about the foster care system are inaccurate, but that’s only a tiny detail)

We are also introduced to her siblings and are told about her absent Father.

The description of the characters is good, we get a good understanding of how Shelby’s Foster Father is and we get an understanding of their relationship.

Although we learn about the characters through what they are saying/thinking there is not much description about the set or the characters. More would be good so the reader can paint a better image of the characters in their head.

Throughout the book we get to read the story from several characters’ point of view which is good because we get to read how the different characters react and what they communicate in contract to what they are actually thinking.

The story has a good, strong plot line. The plot is not confusing, despite the protagonist changing. The story is clear and the character’s emotions are easy to understand throughout the book.

The chapters are quite short in length, but it doesn’t matter as in each chapter we are getting a snippet of the story.

The chapters also lead on nicely from one another.

There way the text had been laid out could be improved. The chapters are often in singular paragraphs, they could be broken down into smaller sections so they were less daunting to the eye.

Also in some of the chapters when a new speaker has begun talking, the text carries on on the same line. This can make it a bit confusing as the reader is reading as it is not clear when one character has finished speaking.

Overall I think this is a really good book. I recommend it to any Percy Jackson fan, or to anyone who is looking for a short, but quality, read.

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Review by Caza

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