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Current Theme Week Winner: "Are You My mother" by Lavern2002


20. Science Fiction and Supernatural Competition still On! Our Contestants so far!

Are You My Mother by Lavern2002

You're sitting at home on a rainy evening, relaxing with a mug of hot chocolate in your favorite armchair. You thought you were alone until you hear the small voice of a child behind you, "hello, Are you my mother?"


Cold... Like Ice by Lady Alora Wiley

A fight can lead to many things. Good. And Evil. In this fight, it can bring about both of the two. Fidelia. That's what i named myself. Real Name? Fidelis. It means "Believer" in Latin. But i'm not a believer. They say there's something wrong, here, in England. And it's spreading. That cold Brush against your cheek? A light in your room, when there's nothing on; nothing there. What is it? Unexplainable, they say. A ghost. Me? Utterly Logical. Ghosts aren't real. But i'm about to find out the truth, in an event that is cold... Like Ice




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