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18. Moosey's Super Long Interview

1. How did you come up with your amazing username?

I am a moose, therefore, why not?


2. How did you discover Movellas?

I don't remember.


3. Who is your favorite Supernatural character?

How dare you ask such a question.


4. Which one do you ship more: Destiel or Sabriel?



5. What is your favorite book?

Gray's Anatomy by Henry (and John) Gray. It's a medical book published in 1858.


6. Besides Supernatural what other T.V shows do you watch?

Doctor Who, Sherlock, Helix, and Grey's Anatomy.


7. Do you want to say anything to the Five Star readers?

*majestic moose noise*


8. What do you like about cats?

The fact that they're there for you when you need it most.


8. How long have you had Rambo?

3 months.


9. Pepsi or coke?

Neither, I don't drink soda. Never have never will.


10. Do you plan on dressing Rambo up again and posting the picture on Movellas? 



11. What is the best Movella that you have ever written?

Can't answer this, I have a story that I am very proud of. However, It hasn't been published yet.


12. Beanie's Guide On How To Kill Off A Character, what made you request such a sad story?

To crush the feels of Beanie's readers.


Thanks for interviewing me! 

- Nolan

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