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19. Interview With Rhianna Grace: The Prophecy Child

1. How does it feel to have your life published for all to see?

Odd, to be honest. I actually cried reading the part when I died.

2. Can you tell us more about the prophecy?

Weeeeeelllllll....... Here's how I sum it up:
Jingle Bells,
Octavian smells,
Leo saves the day,
Rhianna dies,
Jason cries,
Nico's not really gay,

3. How are you and Jason?

In love, DUH!

4. Tell us more about the kids

Makaria has my face, Jason's hair, and my silliness.
Triton was born with black hair that somehow had blonde streaks in it. His eyes are literally split in half. One half of each eye is blue, and the other, green. He looks like Thalia.
Coral looks like my freaking clone. She was even born with my grey streak!
Dylan is Jason's clone. And yes, Dylan did decide to try and eat a stapler........

5. Anything that you want to say to the Five Star readers?

I DIED! WOOH! No, seriously. I'm dead

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