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16. Inspiring Movellians Of The Month: Lexi Wordsmith and Phi Wordsmith

You may have recently seen #IamBeautiful on Movellas. It is a trending tag that was created by Lexi Wordsmith and Phi Wordsmith so that they could tell people that they are beautiful because they are imperfect, and that you shouldn't listen to the bullies who tell you otherwise. I recently got the chance to talk with Phi Wordsmith and Lexi Wordsmith about #IamBeautiful and themselves.

 Phi Wordsmith and Lexi Wordsmith have previously done an article on bullying together. Phi Wordsmith had talked about in the article about not being able to say "I'm beautiful" until recently because of people bullying her. She knows many people feel the same way, so she wanted something that says "I won't let the bullies win". They started an advice book on bullying and how to deal with it.Phi Wordsmith and Lexi Wordsmith focused on how we are all beautiful, and that bullies are basically little pieces of sh*t. 


Lexi Wordsmith and Phi Wordsmith hope that #IamBeautiful  has raised awareness about bullying and what it can do to people. They also are proud of all of the people who have stood up and said that they ARE beautiful.


Lexi Wordsmith and Phi Wordsmith have also asked me to add this personal message from each of them:


From Phi Wordsmith: If anyone says you aren't beautiful, just think about what we have started. Everyone is unique and with that comes a unique beauty.

From Lexi Wordsmith: Stay strong my loves. You can get past this. Bullies are everywhere but don't cave into them. Love yourself and don't let anyone tell you that your not beautiful or not worth it, because you are. You are all beautiful and worth everything.


Please spread awareness about #IamBeautiful and remember you are beautiful


-Queen Of Words,Executive Chief and Reviewer for Five Star Magazine

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