Five Star Magazine (2015 edition)

Welcome to Five Star Magazine!!
Here at Five Star we are dedicated to exposure. If you want to be featured in Five Star all you have to do is ask. We do interviews with Movellians, review books, have competitions, and ultimately look to bring you enjoyment from reading our magazine.
Current Theme Week Winner: "Are You My mother" by Lavern2002


2. How to get Involved


To get an interview, comment below, you will be invited as a co-author and answer the questions in the co-author discussions


 Movella Reviews

To get a movella review, Comment with the link to your Movella in the comments section


 Recommend Movellas for Top charts

You can suggest Movellas for our top charts in the comment sections below


 Introduce your character

Do you have an interesting character in one or more of your Movellas? he,she or it can get a review. Follow same procedure as Movella Revies


Story Feature

A chapter of your story can become a chapter of our Magazine. Request in the Section.


Theme week

At some week intervals, the theme week competition will be open, Nominate your Movella under the specified Genre with @Theme Week. Winners are announced 5 to 7 days after the end of the week.


Any more information will be updated.

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