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21. Hoist the Colours By Lady Alora Wiley. Book review by Harrybanty

This has to be the best pirate story i have read on Movellas! It is a superb one from Lady Alora Wiley. The characters are very interesting, the story is so interactive, and the sense of humor is great! It got me laughing throughout. The fighting scenes are also very detailed. Writing a pirate story is so not easy, the challenges are enormous but kudos to Lady Alora, she  perfected this one and i hope she continues to do so cause' i'm waiting for updates.

"YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY GONNA GIVE ME NIGHTMARES! Not because of how UGLY you are, mind you! No, because YOUR BREATH STINKS!" - Marrow XD





                                                                                                           -Harrybanty, CEO and Writer for Five Star Magazine

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